Remember Me

What if the best month of your life was erased? What if you were in an unfamiliar place, getting tortured for information you didn't even know? What if you didn't recognize your own soul mate? Meet Tessa.
How far will Koda go to revive the mate bond? What if it's too late?


1. The Escape


“Run! Faster, faster.” They were gaining on me, NO! I will never go back there! Never. This gave me a new burst of energy as my feet pounded into the sterile white floor. I heard a shout behind me and looked back, I bumped into a wall and reopened my most painful wound. Blood smeared on the white wall. I kept running, my desire to live over-powering the faint feeling of blood loss. I continued to barrel down the hallways. I threw my one arm out in front of me as I pushed through the door. OUTSIDE! I was outside! I ran on the surrounding pavement and then on to the grass and in the forest! I kept running until the adrenaline faded, when it did I felt very tired and then a painful throbbing started in my arm. I couldn't believe I ran all that way! Thoughts swirled around my head as I drifted off to sleep. 

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