Harry Style Fanfiction


8. Chapter Eight


I started getting ready to go to the concert. I put on a 1D tee and a pair of denim jeans that say all of there names on it and random pictures of objects that remind me of them. One Direction vans and a bunch of jewelry for my hair I just brushed and my make-up done naturally. "Ready to go?" shouted Jacob. I walked out and pecked him on the cheek.    We found our seats in the front row and waited for them to come out on stage. The whole time I was holding Jacob's hand. When they finally came on stage I saw my favorite out of all of them Harry Styles. After a few songs they did some random tweets so I took out my phone and tweeted a picture of me at the concert. @Tasha_56 @officialonedirection I love you guys especially you Harry!:D Would any of you date a fan? If so Harry will you marry me!?!? I never expected my tweet to come up on the screen. Harry got a huge smile on his face when he read it and saw the picture. "You are beautiful and I would date a fan and yes I will marry you." Harry said. I jumped up and down Harry said I was pretty and that he would marry me! "I agree with Harry you are very beautiful and I would date a fan." Niall said and Liam agreed. All of the boys said that they would date a fan and Niall, Liam, and Harry said I was beautiful. "Wasn't that you?" asked Jacob. I had a huge smile on my face and shook my head yes.   After the concert we headed backstage so we could meet the band. When I saw them I contained my excitement because I know that they didn't like fans that scream and shout at them.    Harry's POV:    When she walked in I recognized her from the picture she sent us. "Tasha 56?" I asked curiously. "That would be me." she said with a huge smile. We all went up and hugged her. "So your my beautiful wife?" I said with a smile as I put my arm around her. "I guess so." she said while looking up at me. "Well when you guys stop flirting we would like to meet her too." Louis said with his usual hint of attitude. "So what's your real name?" asked Liam. "Natasha and this is Jacob." She said as she pointed to the guy behind her. I had to say I was a little jealous of him because he got to see her everyday. "So what do you guys want to do?" asked Louis. "Just Dance 4 Party!" shouted Niall. "Well your going to loose." said Natasha. "We'll see about that." "It's on oh and I get to pick the song." Niall rolled his eyes but in the end agreed.    Natasha ended up choosing the only One Direction song on there and she kicked Niall's butt. "I can't believe you beat me!" shouted Niall angerly. "I warned you that I would." Natasha said in a really sweet tone of voice. I couldn't get over the fact of how cute she was or how sweet and she got along with the boys so well. I wish I could see her everyday. "Hey Natasha how about giving us your phone number so we can talk to yah soon love?" I asked her.    Natasha's POV:    "Hey Natasha how about giving us your phone number so we can talk to yah soon, love?" Harry asked. On the outside I may have been acting normal but on the inside I was fangirling times one hundred. ONE DIRECTION JUST ASKED FOR MY PHONE NUMBER SO THEY COULD TALK TO ME SOON!!!! Each one of the guys handed me there phones so I could put my phone number in. After they each sent me a text message so I could have their's. I can't believe I just got their numbers. My life can't get anymore amazing than this. "I wish we didn't have to leave without taking you with us." said Niall with a frown on his face. "When do you guys have to leave?" I asked. "We go back to London from here in three days." "That's weird Jacob and I are leaving for London in three days." I said. Jacob laughed "Yup real funny." he said sounding irritaited. "We should hang out before we go back." suggested Liam. Everyone else agreed. "I think that sounds like a great idea." I replied with a smile.
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