Harry Style Fanfiction


9. 9

Natasha's POV: "You sat there and flirted with them right in front of me what was that all about?" Jacob asked angerly once we were in his car. "Well I'm sorry that I was making friends with my favorite band and that they wanted to be friends with me too." I said annoyed. "The blonde and curly hair seemed to be pretty smug with you." "Are we seriously arguing with me over this and as a matter of fact the blonde one has a girlfriend and you really think that Harry Styles was flirting with me?" "Ugh, Nat are you really going to say that to me when I want to smash his face in right here and now." "Jacob, you know that if you lay a hand on him there will be a lot of drama from all of the fans and the tabloids." "Nat, I just don't want to loose you since I just got you." I didn't answer I just looked down at my phone that buzzed like six times. The first text was from Niall: Niall: Hey... Me: Heyy The next text was from Harry. Harry: Hey Love :) Me: Heyyy Cutie;) The next from Liam. Liam: Ello... Me: Ello Govner;) The next was from Louis. Louis: Hey Sexy ;) I laughed and Jacob looked over at me. Me: Hey one fine piece of man;) The Next from Zayn. Zayn: Hi:) Me: Hola:D And the last was from Brittney. Britt: I thought you we were going to the 1D concert tonight? Did something come up? Me: Oh my gosh I totally forgot that I was going to take you. Britt you've got to understand my grandmother passed away and I have to pack to go to London in three days. Please forgive me. Britt: Did you want me to come to London with you I can finish High school on line that's not a problem. Me: If you want to go with me and Jacob you can. Britt: Wait a minute what's going on between you and Jacob? Are you together? Me: Yes and I just figured out that there isn't anymore seats on the plane. I'm sorry. I got to go I'll talk to you later gator. All of a sudden my phone went off showing another text. Harry: So where do you want to meet up tomorrow? Our hotel or your house? ;D Me: How about your hotel so we don't cause any tabloids to come by my house. Harry: Okay Love I can't wait to see you then.:) Me: :)   When we pulled into the driveway Jacob got out of the car really fast and stormed off into his room slamming the door behind him. "Fine Jacob if you don't want to talk to me slam the door in my face and I'll be waiting in my room for you to apologize." Then I slammed my door before I could hear his argument.  After chaning into my PINK dark pink sweatpants and black tank top. I put my hair up and a few minutes after there was a knock on my door. "I came offering apologies and diet dr pepper." Jacob said sweetly. I smiled and said. "Come here you big goofball." he set the pop on the nightstand and crawled onto the bed neiling over me. I pulled him into a soft passionate kiss that would drive him crazy then when he licked my bottom lip softly I pulled away. "You drive me crazy you know that right?" I just smiled and nodded. "I think I really want that pop now." I said with a giggle. "Oh really?" "Yup, I'm a little thirsty oh and I need to pack so I can move to London." "I'll help and I'll make sure to get your dresser packed." he said with a wink. "Oh I don't think so." I said. When I was done packing I laid down and I fell asleep. I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and I could you it was visible.


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