Harry Style Fanfiction


6. 6


I walked into my room and grabbed a pair of light pink PINK sweatpants, a long sleeve black v-neck tee, a pair of zig-zag neon socks, my "N" necklace Jacob got me, diamond square earrings, and then I put my hair in a bun. I walked back into the living room where Jacob was sitting in a pair of jogging shorts and no shirt. "Well don't you look hot." I said to Jacob. "Come here." I walked over just out of his reach so he couldn't pull me into his lap. I turned around and smacked my butt. I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him again. "Really stop teasing me and just come here I need to kiss you right now or I might go crazy." "Nope." "Don't make me chase you." "Come at me bro." Then I ran into the kitchen. I didn't notice but then two strong arms were around me and then two soft lips were kissing at my neck. "Will you kiss me now?" he whispered in my ear. "Maybe..." I brushed my lips against his. Then I pulled away. "But... then again maybe not." "You drive me crazy you know that?" "Yup... and I find it quite amusing." I said with a huge smile on my face.      I went into the living room and sitting on the couch leaving Jacob in the kitchen. He walked and leaned on the door frame. I jumped up and ran towards him, jumped up and put my legs around his waist. "Hi there beautiful." I kissed him on the lips passionately. "Well that was a pleasant surprise " "What you didn't like it?" I asked with a puppy dog face. "Of course I did baby." After he said that he kissed my nose. "So whatcha wanna do?" "How bout watch some movies?" "Okay I get to choose!" I shouted. I walked over to his movie collection and grabbed 21 Jump Street. "This is one of my favorite movies we are going to watch this one." "I'll go pop some popcorn you just put the movie and grab some blankets." "Where are your blankets?" "In the closet." "Okay." I put the movie in and walked to the closet opened it and found the biggest blanket I could find.      When Jacob walked back into the room I was already cuddled up in the blanket. "Well where am I supposed to sit." I stood and told him to lay down on his side. After he did I laid down in front of him and we watched the movie like that the whole time. When the movie was over I rolled over and cuddled into his chest. "Are you falling asleep on me Nat?" "No I'm just resting me eyes." "So your sleeping." "Sure." "Night Nat." He said kissing my forehead. That's all I remember because I fell asleep.         
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