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At this moment I couldn't be happier. "So Natasha will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes, Jacob I'll be you girlfriend." Then we kissed passionately. "I finally got the girl I've been trying to get. I'm the luckiest guy ever." "Ya well I never understood why you chased me all these years when you could have any girl you want." "I didn't want just any pointless girl, I wanted you. I've wanted you for a very long time and now I'm never letting you go." "Never?" "Never ever." All I could do was smile because he was the sweetest guy ever and he's mine. We kissed for a little bit but then my stomach growled. "Are you hungry Nat?" "Ya kind of. Can we just go get a milkshake and then go to my house my mom is getting cake and then we can just eat there?" "Ya sounds like a plan."     So after we finished the milkshake we shared we headed to my house for cake. We pulled into the driveway and there was more then one car in the driveway and I didn't recognize it. We walked up to the front porch. The front door was wide open and my mom was making out with some guy I didn't know on the couch. I rushed through the door. "Mom what are you?" I shouted at her. "Nat what are you doing here I thought you were going on a date?" "I did and we came back here because you told me you were going to get me a cake and I came back so I wasn't being rude. But I guess there's a lot of messed up things in this house. Wait till dad hears about this one." "Natasha you can't tell your father about this." "And why not?" "It would break his heart and I don't want to be the cause of that." "Well then maybe you shouldn't have affairs with other guys Mom!" "Maybe I should go." said the man on the couch with my mother. "Ya that's a good idea I shouted because you don't want to be here when I call my father." "Bye Rebecca." "Get out of here... wait never mind you can stay here because I'm leaving." "No your not!" "What are you going to stop me?" "You bet I will and as long as you live under my roof you will listen to what I say." "Soon I won't be under your roof, I don't care what his name is but you have go a lot to explain before I call Dad." "I can't explain but, I've loved him for so long and I still love your father but I don't know I guess I love him more." "Then why don't you leave dad if you love him so much more?" "Well Jeff, is married." "Okay Rebecca I'm leaving."      I ran upstairs pulling Jacob along with me. When I opened my door I fell onto my bed and started crying. "Jacob I can't believe this happening. Especially on my birthday of all days." Jacob sat down next to me. "Come here." I went and half laid on him and the bed. He put his arm around me and started stroking my hair. "I love you and there isn't anything in this world that I wouldn't do for you. If anything happened to you I have no idea what I would do. If I lost you there would be no point in living." "I love you too Jacob and I'm glad your the one that was with me when this happened." "Nat, it shouldn't of happened at all." "I don't want to stay with her Jacob but I have no where else to go." "Nat, you can stay with me... your always welcome." "Thank you so much Jacob. Will you parents mind?" "I don't live with my mom and dad anymore. I'm eighteen so I though it would be a good time to move out." "Do you need a roommate I can pay rent." "Nat, you don't have to pay rent." "So we're going to be living together. I know we just started dating but I kind of like that idea." I kissed him on the cheek and went and grabbed my suitcase and put a bunch of random clothes and shoes. Then I went into the bathroom grabbed make up, shower stuff, toothbrush, hair stuff, and perfume. I threw it all into my suitcase and went and grabbed my big jewelry box and put it in my suitcase. I also grabbed my laptop, phone charger, iHome, iPod, and all of my one direction stuff. "I'm ready to go."  When we walked down the stairs my mother shouted at me "Where do you think your going?!" "I'm leaving you because I don't want to be around you and before you stop me I'm eighteen and I can leave when ever I want." I walked out the door before I could hear her response. "I'll follow you in my car." "No I'll take you to go get it in the morning." "Okay that's fine." He put everything in the backseat of his truck and came over and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I'm so sorry... this shouldn't happen to any person ever. Especially someone as beautiful as you." "Your so sweet I don't deserve someone like you in my life." "It's just the opposite I don't deserve someone like you at all your so amazing and beautiful. Your nothing like any other person I have ever met." He kissed my nose and picked me up bridal style and put me in the car. "Wait I have to go inside and get something  I forgot. "What is it I'll go it for you." "Well on my night stand there's two One Direction tickets and backstage passes." "Alright I'll get it for you gorgeous and I'll be right back."     When he got back from inside. He handed me three envelopes  "What are these two?" "I'm not sure your mom just told me to give them to you." I looked down one of them was a letter from my grandma and the other my mom. I opened the one from my grandma first.     Dear Tasha,  Remember Grandma loves you very much no matter what. If anything happens to me I want you to move to England and take care of my house. I know how much you love it there. So I'm giving you that, all of my money, and my favorite sapphire necklace. Happy Birthday, I will always love you no matter what. Love Nana.     I started crying even harder then earlier. "What's wrong Nat?" "It's my grandma somethings wrong. Also when she dies I get her house in England. When I do I plan on moving there. I need to get out of this town Jacob." "Then I'll come with you Nat. I told you already I can't loose you. I love you too much and I just got you." "Jacob would you honestly move across the world away from everyone you love and all your friends just to be with me?" "Nat, get this through your head I love you more then anything in the world. I can't loose you." I didn't say anything I just opened the other letter from my mom. There was one grand in it.      Dear Natasha, I know you don't want anything to do with me anymore. I just want you to know that if you ever need someone I will always be here for you. I can give you things you want and things you don't wnat. I love you always and forever Natty Cat. I'm also sorry about you grandmother she passed away this morning. I just want you to know that I'm here for you. Love Mom.     After I read that I started balling. "She died faster then we thought she would. Jacob I don't know what to do." "Just relax tomorrow you'll go to the One Direction concert and then we can go to England after graduation okay?" "I guess it's okay."     When we pulled into Jacob's apartment. We walked up to flights of stairs we came to a white door and when he opened it I loved it. It was so small and cozy. "I see you have a picture of me on your coffee table." Jacob blushed. "I actually think it's kind of cute." I said pulling him in for a long passionate kiss. His tounge went across my lip and then we started making out. He closed the door and pushed me towards the couch. I pulled away "This day has come to some good things and a lot of bad things but the best thing is that I started dating you." I kissed him one more time and then went into my bedroom to get changed.          
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