Harry Style Fanfiction


4. 4


Jacob pulled away "I don't really want to stop kissing you but I think maybe we should go inside and get off the ground." I kissed him passionately one more time. "I guess that would be okay. As long as we kiss again." I said with a giggle. "Oh trust me we will kiss again. I can promise you that one." When we walked in the door it was amazing. It was like we were stepping into the 80's. "Wow if I would of known the place looked like this I would of dressed to fit in more." "Natasha you don't want to look like you work here." Jacob said while chuckling. "Wow dude welcome the Skater's plaza can I offer you some skates and milkshakes or do you want the couple's package?" "I want the couple's package please." "Alright dudes do you guys have a certain song request." "No, but it's her birthday." "Jacob, why'd you say that I don't want to be the center of attention." I whisper yelled. "What's her name?" "Natasha." "Hello I'm standing right here your talking about me like I'm not standing here." "Nat, calm down a minute please." "Alright thanks dudes what size skates do you want?" "I would like a 8 please." I said. "I want an 11 please." Jacob said.      Once we got our skates on we went out on to the floor. I almost fell a few times just trying to get out there. Jacob put his hand in mine and I didn't care. Yesterday I would of thrown a hissy fit. But today my feelings have changed I don't know why. Maybe turning eighteen changes people because it sure changed me. I see the good in him like other people on see his good looks. I pretended to fall so Jacob could put his arms around me and he did exactly what I wanted him to. When I pulled me up so that my back was to him I turned around and wrapped my arms around him and since he was taller I looked up into his eyes. I have to tell you a secret and he leaned forward and instead of saying anything I kissed him on the lips. "Well I liked that secret." "Me too.     I skated away really fast and twirled in a circle. "I thought you were a horrible skater?" Jacob asked. "Well I kind of lied because I like being next to you." Then I skated away faster then before and I hid in the crowd of people until I was behind him. When I got there I put my arms around his waist. "Hey there!" I said giggling. "Hey beautiful." I skated backwards in front of him and grabbed his hands. "You know I would of still held you even if you weren't going to fall down." "I know but I know how you like to make me feel better and everything like that and so that's what I was doing. You would pratcially be saving me. Well you'd be saving my pant's life." I went close to kissing him and then when my lips brushed against his I skated away. "Hey get back your little butt back here!" "No way! You got to catch me." I didn't hear him come behind me and sweeped me off my feet.     We were skating around when I heard the beginning of Happy Birthday. When the chorus began Jacob began singing along with it with me still in his arms. "When are you going to put me down?" I asked Jacob. "When this song is over my love." I rolled my eyes. "There's no need in calling me that." "Yes, there is because I love you, my love." He had a huge smile on his face and when Happy Birthday ended me he spun me around and kissed me passionately.         
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