Harry Style Fanfiction


2. 2


I got into my car and started heading towards Starbucks which is right next to my school. When I pull into the parking lot I reach down to the floor and grab my purse and head in to get my usual mocha latte. After I got that I got back into my car and drove the two feet to the school parking lot, I pulled into my normal parking space next to Britney. I grabbed my bag and my purse and head towards my locker and when I get there I find a huge surprise. The door of my locker had a huge piece of paper with most of my grades signature on it. I couldn't help but laugh because I knew exactly who did it... there could only be one person behind and it was the members of the soccer team and Britney.      After I opened my locker and confetti shot in my face I knew for a fact I shouldn't have gave Britney my locker combination. They all finally came out laughing at me and I just rolled my eyes at them and punched Britney playfully in the arm. "You guys are so mean." I said sarcastically  "You know you love us." said one of the girls named Melissa. "Britney guess what my dad got me for my birthday!" I said excitedly on my way to class. "What last year it was a car I can only imagine what it is this year?" "Well I have two One Direction front row seats and backstage passes for tomorrows concert. I don't know about you but that sounds pretty exciting to me." "Oh My Gosh! No Freaking way! Your Dad Got You One Direction Tickets And Backstage Passes! Ahhhh!" she shouted in the middle of history class and everyone started staring at us. "Britney calm down I'm as excited as you are but you just directed a whole bunch of attention on us." "Opps sorry."      History was boring as always but next I have art and I love that class except for someone that's in it. His name is Jacob and he doesn't leave me alone. I swear he has asked me out about three time this week already. He doesn't get the meaning of no I guess. Maybe I should just write down the definiton of no on a post it note and stick it to his head. When I walk into art class I go to my original seat and you'll never guess who was sitting next to me... Jacob. Jacob has blonde hair, tan skin, green eyes, and really tall. His personality isn't so good either. He's really cocky and really snobby. I have nothing against him besides the fact that I don't want to be anywhere near him.      "What do you want Jacob?" I said in a mean tone. "I just want to say happy birthday to the most beautiful person in the school." "Oh thanks for the happy birthday but that last part was a lie." "Natasha it isn't a lie why can't you get this through your head I really like you and I just want to have a chance. To me your the most beautiful person in the school and I love you." "Jacob..." "Don't say it, I don't want to hear you don't like me like that. Please I don't want to hear it I just want a chance with you please. I would do anything." "Jacob... I really don't know if I like you that way but, I guess I could give you a chance." "Thank you Natasha. I got you this." He pulled out a velvet box and handed it to me. After I open it I see a diamond "N" necklace. "Oh my gosh Jacob you didn't have to get me this. I can't accept it I'm sorry." "Natasha I want you to have it. If I bought it for you I obviously want you to have it." "Jacob." "Natasha don't I want you to have it so please take it." "Thanks Jacob it's beautiful." "Not as beautiful as you."     After art class I have open study hall. I don't have any homework I can do whatever I want. I take out my iPhone to check to see if I have any messages and it turns out I have four. One of them was from my dad and it said.      Dad: Did you like your birthday present?     Natasha: Yes I did Dad thank you very much. I couldn't ask for anything better. Love you. xoxo The next message was from my mom.     Mom: Happy with what you got for your birthday so far?     Natasha: Ya I am. Love you xoxo     The other message was from Britney.     Brit: So I hear you finally gave Jacob a chance?     Natasha: Ya I did I thought it might not be a bad idea. I guess he's kind of nice, really sweet and really cute. He got my a diamond "N" necklace.     Brit: No way... he is like so sweet. Your really lucky you guys would be super cute together.     Natasha: Ya I guess we would be...     I went and checked the last message which was from Jacob.     Jacob: I'll pick you up at 7:30.     Natasha: Okay what should I wear?     Jacob: Something cute and casual not a dress.     Natasha: Haha okay.        
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