Harry Style Fanfiction


19. 19


  Natasha's POV: "What are you going to do with me... hurt me? If I stay with you anyway my heart will hurt because I don't want you." "Natasha I would never hurt you like your hurting me right now." "I don't want to hurt you but I'd be hurting myself if I led you on like I'm doing right now and I don't think it's right. Oh and I don't want you to hurt Harry because I kissed him first so if your going to hurt anyone it's going to be me." He pulled me off the ground by my hear so I was looking into his eyes. "You kissed him." he said through his teeth. "Yes I did." He pushed me hard against the door I just came out of which means Harry was in there. I knew he wanted to come out of there but I told him not to at any circumstances.         "Get off of me." I said between my teeth. "I will once you kiss me and say you don't feel a single thing towards me." "I'm not going to kiss you." "Then I'm taking you out of this country and I don't mean to London. When we leave this bathroom act like nothing happened and that were back together other wise I can guarantee that Harry won't make it out of here alive. All you had to do is kiss me and say that you feel nothing but you didn't so now your mine forever if you want to or not." "Fine I'll kiss you as long as you let me go once I say that I don't have feelings for you." "I already told you that's all you had to do." I pulled him and kissed him for a little a bit and then I pulled away. "I didn't feel a thing." "Are you sure Nat." "I'm sure." he pulled me in a kissed me again. I instantly pulled away. "I told you I didn't feel anything. So leave me alone now and just leave." "This isn't over." he said. "I won't give up this easily Natasha I love you and I know deep down inside that you love me too." Then he walked out without me being able to reply.         The door of the bathroom that Harry was in imediatly opened and I ran and jumped into his arms tears running down my face. "It's okay Natasha I'm right here and I won't leave your side until you tell me to." "I'm never going to tell you to leave my side." I replied. "Well that's good because I don't ever want to." I looked up at him and we shared a long passionate kiss. "I don't want to be here anymore." I whispered to Harry. "I'm going to take you home." "I don't have anywhere to go." "I'm going to go to your house with you and we will get your stuff and have it shipped to your grandma's house in London." "Thanks Harry... your the best person I could ever ask for."          We walked out of the bathroom hand in hand and headed towards the table where everyone was at. "Guys were leaving..." Harry said. "Woah Natasha what happened to you are you okay?" ask Liam. "I'm fine just got into a little fight with someone that was flirting with Harry. You should see the other girl." I said... Everyone else laughed besides Liam who looked horrified. "I called the limo and the moving company and there going to meet us at your old house." Harry said. I grabbed my purse and his hand. "Let's go." I said
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