Harry Style Fanfiction


17. 17


I parked in the driveway, I sat there thinking for a minute about what I was going to say. I don't think I'm going to break up with him. He helped me through everything I have been through with my family. He's like an anchor in my life. I decided to get out of the car and walked through the side door. Jacob was sitting there on the couch on his phone. "Natasha..." he said trailing off. "Jacob before you talk I want you to hear me out. I don't want to loose you and I don't want you to stay with me if you don't want to. I know we kissed and then kissed again. I want to be with you. You've helped me through a lot and I don't want to loose you. So please don't dump me." I started crying. "Natasha..." he said putting his hand on my cheek. "I love you and I don't want to loose you either. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me... I wouldn't dump you over someone kissing you a few times." then he kissed me. I pulled away and looked down. He lifted my chin up. "Stop crying my love." Harry instantly popped into my mind and I started crying even more. "I'm just going to go pack for London." I said turning and walking into my room. "Natasha... please." "What Jacob? We both have to pack so why don't we go do that and take time to calm down." "I'm calm Nat... I don't want to be away from you that is why I'm going to London with you and I'm letting my friends rent this place while I'm gone because we are going to want to come back and visit." "I'm just going to go pack." I said while walking away. When I got into my room I closed the door and locked it I didn't want him to come in. I decided to text Britney and I turned on my playlist. The first song that came on was Radioactive by Imagine Dragon.   Me: Do you think you can take the flight that's later tomorrow and then I can pick you up at the airport? Britt: Is there something wrong? Me: I kissed Harry again and this time we made out... Britt: What?!?!?! OMG! We deff need a girls night out real soon and then you can introduce me to them.  Me: Yes we do!!!! Real Soon!!!! Britt: How about tonight we can hit some clubs with the band and their girlfriends. Me: I could text Harry and ask... Britt: kk Let me know...   Me: Hey what are you guys doing tonight?????? Harry: Well... what did you have in mind? Me: Clubbing with me and a friend??????? Harry: Sounds like fun as long as I can see you!!!!:)   Me: He said that would be fine Britt: Yay:)   I unlocked my door and headed to the bathroom and showered. When I was done I blow dried my hair and curled it along with doing my makeup. I put on my new dress that had a black sparkly top and a bright blue bottom. For shoes I put on black sparkly pumps and a few bracelets and silver hoop earrings. I grabbed my silver clutch and put my phone, lip gloss  and some money. I looked around for my keys and I couldn't find them. Just then I remembered that I put my keys on the counter. I unlocked my door and looked down the hallway to see if Jacob was there and I saw that his door was closed I was just hoping he was in there. I went out as quietly as I could with my heels clanking on the wooden floor.  I got into the doorway where you could either walk into the kitchen or the living room.  Guess who was in the kitchen back turned away from me. I quietly walked to my keys and he didn't hear me until I dropped my keys. "Nat?" "Yeah sorry I'm going to drop my car off at my house and then Britt is going to pick me up." "Why are you crouched on the ground?" "Because I lost the back to my earring." I said nervously. "Do you want my help?" he said starting to walk over to me." "No I'm fine you don't have to come over here." I looked above the counter and when I saw that he was looking the other way I ran out the door. While I was backing up he walked out the door and looked to see me leaving.   
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