Harry Style Fanfiction


16. 16


Natasha POV: Ten minutes later I knocked on Harry's hotel room's door. When he opened the door I just hugged him with tears flowing out of my eyes. Harry pulled me into the room and closed the door. "It's okay Love.... there's no need to cry." he said kissing the top of my head. "Harry it's not okay... because I have feelings for you not Jacob." I said looking up at him. "I don't want to see you cry. Not over someone that doesn't deserve your tears." I looked up at him again. "Thanks Harry." He leaned down and whispered "I have feelings for you too." I looked at him with a smile on my face and he leaned down to kiss me. He drug his tongue on my bottom lip and I allowed entrance.  We moved over to the couch and sat there making out until I heard my ringtone Kiss You by One Direction playing. Harry pulled away and laughed. "What?" "I'll tell you after your done on the phone." I looked down at my phone and I really didn't want to answer it. "Who is it?" asked Harry. "Jacob." "I don't want you to answer it but you need to. I'll leave the room." he said while walking out of the room.    Jacob: Where are you?   Me: What does it matter to you. You don't care. Just because a guy kissed me doesn't mean anything.   Jacob: But you not pulling away means something.   Me: So what your saying is that someone can't kiss me. If a girl came up to you and kissed you. Your not going to pull away?   Jacob: Nat, yes I would because I love you. Please come back.    Me: I will in about two hours or so...   Jacob: Please come home now... We need to talk about this.   Me: I will in an hour... Because I have to pack for leaving tomorrow and I'm assuming you do too.   Jacob: Okay. I Love you Nat.   Me: Love yah    "So I'm guessing you guys fixed things." Harry said walking back into the room. "Yeah... but this doesn't change how I feel about you Harry." "You said you loved him." "No he said I love you Nat and I said love yah. I don't think that really means as much as I love you." "So you don't love him?" "No..." "What's making you stay with him?" "I'm not sure because you right here have feelings for me and I have more feelings for you than I do for him." "Your just going to let him follow you to London?" "I'm going to go home and talk to him now." I said kissing him on the cheek. "I'll talk to you later Harry." Then I walked out the door.  
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