Harry Style Fanfiction


15. 15

Natasha POV: I woke up to my door opening and closing. "Hey Natasha I think we need to talk." Jacob said. "I think I need to shower and wake up first." I said. "It won't take long." "Okay what is I guess." "Well why did you lie about hanging out with Harry?" "What do you mean?" "It's all over the internet. It talks about you as Harry's mystery girl." "Oh well I didn't want you to get mad and jealous because you already were the night before." "I don't care if you hang out with other guys because I know your mine and I trust you." he said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "Jacob..." I trailed off not sure how to say the next thing I needed to say. "What is it?" "Harry kissed me." I said while looking down. He dropped his hand from my cheek. "What? Did you pull away or did you keep kissing him?" "Jacob I'm sorry. I kept kissing him and we kissed more then once." He stormed out of the room. "Jacob!" I shouted while crying.  I walked into my bathroom and took a shower. When I was done I looked into the mirror my face was red from crying and it wasn't pleasant  I did my makeup and put my hair up into a bun and walked into my room and changed into my grey North Face hoodie with a pink tank top under it, jeans with a few holes and a pair of grey uggs. I grabbed my phone and purse and when I got to the kitchen I grabbed my car keys. I dialed Harry's number and he picked up on the second ring.   Harry: Hello Love   Me: I told Jacob about us kissing I said with a sniffle   Harry: What happened?   Me: He stormed out of my room. Can I come over?   Harry: Sure.   Me:Thanks. I got into the car and headed towards the hotel.  


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