Harry Style Fanfiction


13. 13


I was trying to carry all my bags in when Jacob walked up to the door and grabbed some of them. "Wow you sure got a lot of stuff. How much did it cost?" "It doesn't matter I used my mom's emergency credit card." "Okay then. Are you sure she isn't going to get mad?" "No right now she is filled with guilt and I guess I'm just going to take that to my advantage because I'm not very happy with her." "Okay different topic... Show me what you got." After I showed him what I got he grabbed the bra and underwear set and said. "I think this is my favorite." he said with a wink. I slapped him on the shoulder. "Of course you would."  Jacob helped me carry everything into my room and I packed everything into my suitcase since I'm leaving for London in two days. When Jacob left the room to go shower I texted Britt.  Me: Harry kissed me twice and the last time was long... Britt: What?!?!?!? YOU KISSED HARRY STYLES? WAIT A MINUTE YOU HUNG OUT WITH THEM AND DIDN'T INVITE ME? I'M OFFENDED. Jk but that is AMAZAYN!!!!:) Me: IKR! But there is 1 problem... Britt: How could there b a problem u kissed Harry Styles???!!! Me: 2 wrds and 1 of them is a name Britt: Just tell me I hate hints Me: Jacob and the Tabloids... Wht if they saw and took pics and then black mail me so they don't put them in the tabloids and then I pay them and they put them in anyway. Jacob would never talk to me again... Britt: Who cares u have One Freaking Direction as ur friend and then Harry has a freaking thing for u. Me:... Britt: Exactly... I heard Jacob turn the shower off. Me: I g2g txt yah later.  
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