Harry Style Fanfiction


12. 12


After we left Starbucks we headed to the mall. "Which store do you want to go to first?" I asked Harry. "I don't care you can decide love." "Victoria's Secrets it is then." I said with a wink. In response Harry smiled. When we walked in I was overwhelmed by the smell of perfume. I smiled and walked over to the shelves with all of the body spray on it and picked out my two favorites Pure Seduction and Such a Flirt. "Let me smell them." said Harry. I handed them to him and he smelled them. "Well I can't wait for you to flirt and I am seduced." he said sarcastically. I hit them on the shoulder. "Your a goofball." "Well that was painful." he said rubbing his shoulder." "No it wasn't... I'm going to look at the underwear." I said while walking. I picked out a few pairs and then Harry handed me a set with bra and under wear. "Oh thanks. I'll make sure to wear these." I said with a giggle. "Just don't wear them for Jacob because I picked them out." I just laughed. I headed over to the section where they sold PINK clothing and I picked out a couple pairs of pants and shirts and then a sweatshirt. When I was done looking through everything I headed over the checkout area. I was reaching into my purse for my wallet when Harry slid his credit card in the machine. "You didn't have to do that." I said. " I know I didn't but I wanted too." He replied with a smile. Then we headed out of the store and across to Aeropostale. I got a bunch of clothes and so did Harry and he again had to pick me out a pair of underwear. Along with insisting that he pay again. "You can't keep paying for me." I complained to Harry. "Sure I can." I groaned.  We continued walking until we saw Rue 21 and I wanted to go in there. Again I got a bunch of clothes and along with Harry insisted on paying. "Please stop paying for me." "Nope." I sighed and then walked into Hollister. Picking out a bunch of random clothes that I liked and sneakily went up to the cash register without Harry noticing and paid for them myself. He frowned at me. "What's wrong Harry?" "I wanted to pay." He said with a frown. When he checked out we headed towards the exit until we saw a photo booth and decided we needed to take funny photos and in one of them he kissed me again. We continued kissing even after the last picture was taken. Then I pulled away because I had a boyfriend. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that." he said with a concerned face. "It's okay." I said while grabbing the two pictures and handed one to him.  We walked out of the mall after someone arrived to pick us up and take us back to his hotel. "I had a lot of fun." Harry said. "So did I... Oh and thanks again for buying me those clothes and stuff you really didn't have to." "I know I wanted to love." he said while putting his hand on my chin pulling me closer. I pulled away. "Harry I can't. I want to but, I can't." "I understand." he said but his face showed pain.    
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