Harry Style Fanfiction


11. 11


Natasha's POV: I walked into Harry's hotel room and I was amazed this one room was bigger than my whole house. There was a huge leather sectional couch and a love seat to match. Then you walk to a door and there is a kitchen, a bathroom, and six bedrooms. A room for Niall and Kalley , Louis and Eleanor, Liam and Danielle, Harry, and then Zayn. "So watcha wanna do?" Harry asked plopping down onto one side of the couch. "Well... we don't know much about each other so we could talk and go get some Starbucks." I suggested. "Sounds like a plan to me." Harry went and changed his clothes and then we headed out the back door. We decided on walking there because it was just a block away and it was pretty nice out. "So do they have any Starbucks in London?" I asked. "Ya there is... I think I would be a little upset if they didn't." he replied with a smile. I let out a soft giggle. "I would be too because I'm moving there and I would be a little cranky... all the time." we both started cracking up laughing. "Your going to love London." he added. "Oh am I?" "Along with it's going to be a whole lot better when you get there." I blushed big time and looked at the people around me. "Harry isn't that the paparazi?" "Here put these on." he said handing me his sunglasses.  When we got to Starbucks I ordered my usual and Harry ordered a hot chocolate. Once we got our cups we walked into the corner booth away from the window. I looked at the side of my cup when I was taking a drink and there was a phone number on it a name. I started laughing and Harry looked at me funny. "Did I miss something?" he asked. Well the guy up there wrote his phone number on my cup. Harry leaned over the table and kissed me. I surprisingly didn't pull away right when it happened. I know I should have but I didn't. What does that say about me? "Okay not that I'm arguing or anything but why did you kiss me?" "Well he was looking over so I wanted to show him that you weren't intrested unless you were. You weren't were you?" he asked nervously. "No I wasn't but I do have a boyfriend. So maybe we shouldn't tell anyone about that." "Alright love, whatever you want."   
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