Harry Style Fanfiction


10. 10


 When I woke up I got into the shower. I just stood there for a few minutes I just stood there taking in the feeling of the warm water on my cold skin. When I got out I but my tank towel around me and velcrowed it. I looked around for my blow dryer and curling iron and when I found them I got to it and blow dried my hair and curled my hair when I was done. I did my eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss.  I walked into my walk in closet and decided on a black leather jacket that went to my midsection. A lilac purple tank top that has sequins coming down from the top. For pants I grabbed some white skinny jeans and for my shoes I chose my black suede ankle boots with belt buckles and a heel. My earrings had two black feathers and dangling jewels and my necklace was black pearls with a black flower attached to it.  When I got out of my room Jacob met me at the door. "Where are you going looking this beautiful?" he asked after pecking me on the lips. "Well I'm going somewhere and I'll be back sometime tonight." "I don't get to kiss you at all today?" he said with a puppy dog face. I pecked him on the lips. "There you go you got to kiss me today." "But where are you going?" "The mall with Britt. Bye babe. Love you." Then I kissed him on the lips and when I was pulling away he pulled me closer. "I got to go." I said in between kisses. "Fine." he said and I pulled away. "But before you go can I have one more kiss." I kissed him and then grabbed my keys off the counter and headed for the door.   Me: On my way... which hotel? Harry: Plaza. Oh and can't wait to see you. Harry: I mean we can't wait to see you. Me: :) Wait did Harry Styles say he can't way to see me? I ignored the thought and headed towards the Plaza hotel. I pulled into the back alley and locked the car door. A guard came up to me. "Who are you?" "I'm Natasha Woods... I'm here to hang out with One Direction." "Oh the boys told me about a Natasha come on in and I'll take you to their room." "Thanks." I said with a huge smile on my face.  When we got to the pent house he knocked on the fourth door and Harry opened the door. "Thanks Rick." Harry said. "Just call if anything seems out of the ordinary." Then he walked away leaving us alone in the doorway. "Hello there beautiful." he said kissing me on the cheek. I could feel myself blush. "Hey.' I said looking down at the ground. "Don't look at the ground you are beautiful." "Harry.... don't make me blush and I won't look at the ground." He just smiled. "So are you going to invite me in?" I asked.  "Oh yeah sorry gorgeous." He stepped aside pulling the door with him so I could walk in. 
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