Harry Style Fanfiction


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Hi my name is Natasha, I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty short compared to some of the other people my age. I enjoy singing, playing soccer, and just to have fun in general. I have liked the band One Direction since they performed together on the X-Factor. I love them all but I have actual feelings for Harry. My friends just think that I'm into him because he's rich and famous but that's a lie. He is probably the sweetest person ever nothing like society makes him out to be.    Today is my birthday and I'm upset because my dad had to go on a business trip and won't be able to be here. I walked to my closet to pick out my clothes. I grabbed a pair of ripped boot jeans out of my closet along with a shirt that has a grey mid-quarter sleeves that has white stripes on it. For shoes I grabbed my silver sparkly vans. After I changed I went in to my bathroom and put my hair into a quick ponytail and put a light pink bow around it. I don't usually wear a lot of make up so I put a light pink sparkly eye shadow and mascara. I grabbed my school bag and headed downstairs when I got to the kitchen I saw a note from my mom saying she left for work earlier then usual.   After I ate a pop tart I went outside and got the mail. While I was walking up to the porch I was flipping trough the mail until I saw my name a couple times. I grabbed them and set the rest of them on the counter. I sat down to finish my strawberry banana smoothie as I opened it one was from my grandma and grandpa and the other from my dad. I opened the one from my dad first. There was a card that said.   Hey Nat, I'm sorry that I had to miss your birthday but I thought this would make up for it. Love Dad.   Taped to the back of the card were two front row passes and backstage passes for the One Direction concert tomorrow. I jumped up and forgot all about the other card I took the tickets up to my room and locked them on my night stand. I grabbed my keys and headed outside so I could go tell my best friend Britney. 
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