Tale Death Penalty - Chapter I - The Condemned

- Give me leave, please. Detective Mara passing. Mara was a detective ice. Not an ordinary detective. The first of the military college in twenty-two of twenty-eight subjects studied. A phenomenon and the part that was not all ...

 She was in police suit, vest, and sunglasses, was 34 years old, was a brunette and six feet tall.
- How long was he out? She asked looking at the body before him. A body attached to a kind of wooden wheel. He was almost naked, just a cloth covering his private parts. A hammer lying beside her. There were no fractures, his feet and hands were firmly tied to wooden wheel, purple spots on your legs and arms, their members rolled the wheel that was lifted horizontally on a stake. Mara put his hand on the man's eyes. Her eyes rolled back, and a beautiful greenish lost in a stunning white. The images invading his mind. The killer's face. Continued here: http://www.recantodasletras.com.br/contosdeterror/3995622


3. Tale Death Penalty - Chapter III - The Ambush - Tomorrow I'll post three more chapters


A devastated Brazil, a Rio de Janeiro that no longer existed, scorching sun, and a maracanã crumbling right in front of the V8 that went straight to the scene of another crime. Mara, John and Daniel demand clone killer. Both were tense, the silence was taken at that time. That's when a voice reached his ears.   - Stage at 2800 meters. We'll be there in about five minutes. Said the metallic voice the computer.    - I put the clothes special?    - Yes!     - Is he still there? Asked John    - There's only one way to know! Daniel answered.    Mara then took his hands in the sight of Daniel. She was in a trance for a minute and suddenly aroused.    - I did not! I saw the body. It is divided in half, realmene nasty stuff, but then everything went dark. It was as if I had suddenly lost the connection. I do not know what happened!    - Not so! Daniel said ... He knows we're here.    - That's impossible! Mara said.    - No it is not! You did not lose the connection Mara. He closed his eyes. He found out somehow that you can see it.    - Really? John commented But how do you know that?    - I do not know. But it seems like I could read his thoughts. But for a little while. Then when he realized that we were invading his mind he isolated himself somehow.    - You are mistaken! Impossible! Mara said. He can not know we're here, do not be mad.     The V8 flew over the vicinity of the stadium.    - Lower outside computer. We do not want to be surprised.    - Prepare turbines below. Five seconds contact with the ground.    - Hey, take this weapon agent. Mara said handing an automatic G-45, capacity 30 shots in the hands of John    - Have you used one of these?    - Not yet, but I know how to use. He said unlocking it. She shoots bullets nanogelo. This paralyzes the individual for about 60 seconds. The bullet did not pierce, but paralyzes him. The projectile explodes on contact with human skin, but not a mass explosion. It simultaneously. The ice rips the clothes, but the warmth in fractions of milliseconds causes it to melt the capsule so that touching the skin, and the paralyzing toxin penetrates the pores of the affected person. It is as if the person received a bite of a mosquito. It is almost painless.    - That's right. He did his homework agent Silva.    - Pear there. And where are the weapons of truth? Bullets? You will not kill you with one of these!    - No! We do not have this right. The new law prevents us from killing one person Daniel.    - Are Crazy! And using against nanoinfectos?    - Just kill on a death penalty. It should be taken Jury. Do you know how many innocent people were killed in his time? Snap judgments will lead errors. But you will never give it importance. What about nanoinfectos no reversal yet, they became monsters, there are more people.    - Then you kill them?    - No! They are paralyzed, they take prisoners. They go straight to the national laboratory, there Dr. Mauro Marques and his team of scientists insist on trying to reverse a cure. Do not use your medieval weapons if that's what you mean. We are not killers like you! It's a new era.      - But in this case it is obvious that the clone is the killer.    - We know that. But still not up to us to kill him. The law requires a consolidated trial.    - And then I end up killing them anyway. Silva said the agent. The death penalty will always come to these people.    - Do you really think they are dealing with young offenders who are used to seeing in this morass that has become his so-behaved and mediocre society. God! So we are all dead.    - We know what to do. He is only one, Daniel. Even if you have a force out of the ordinary. We are three. He would be no match for us.    - Do not rush into conclusions Mara soldier! He already knows we're here. Or who knows maybe he even planned it all. We have to be more careful ...    - Nonsense! Nonsense! No need for you to even get it! I'd grab him and the soldier himself. Their work has already been done. Brought us to him. Now shut up you idiot.    - I will help them! I said!    - Good! So stop assuming! And let's act! Mara said.    - And my gun?    - Now you want a gun? Do not confuse things Daniel! I am not so foolish as to trust you with a gun! Nor we will take your handcuffs.    - Ok, not cost risk. We'll be hunting then. The three left the car and came across the main entrance of the stadium.    - God made a mess here! It was like an old ruined castle. Was unrecognizable. John said    - Who knew that this was once the largest stadium in the world? The old "Maraca". Said Daniel.    - Should be the maximum will watch football matches at this stadium. Now there are images in holograms HVD discs. John completed    - Let's go boys. Forget football. He turned a lot of time.    - Women! Always get angry when we talk about football, not a partner? Said Daniel.    - Yes! I mean ... no! We are not partners asshole. Do not test me Daniel. Do not mess with me!     Daniel smiled situation. They entered the stadium, soon saw the statue of Ronaldo more forward, a few meters from the entrance. Mara was led by Daniel, John walked in front of them, they walked slowly, each step observing everything around her, Mara tensed those occasions where you could not see what was on the perimeter. One hand clutched hands cuffed Daniel, she could see him, his eyes moving to look for something, but she did not see what he saw, John held the gun in front of his eyes with both hands, but never leaving suspicious of Daniel, he looked every two seconds.    - Do you see anything?    - Nothing soldier! Unless a body split in half three meters ahead and a hacksaw bathed in blood lying beside. He's gone.    - It can not be! She put her hand on Daniel's eyes. He saw what he saw, his body was cut in half bizonhamente was something horrendous, blood dripping through the flesh, organs, bones, everything in sight, John was in front of everything as she had seen the statue of Ronaldo next to them . Damn! That's when she saw him. She was no longer inside the Maracana The V8 in front of the doors opening, the killer coming in and taking something. God! She thought ... Then he went out and threw two objects inside and ran. It can not be! My God! The objects have collided with the bodywork of the car, a simple tap and a huge explosion.    - What was that? Asked John giving a 360 º with the body, your eye takes aim at G-45. Something exploded near here! He said, but they were in a trance. They could not hear him. The V8 was in pieces, Mara thought scared. We're miles from the populated area. He trapped us here. Then she awoke.    - What happened? John asked looking guy disappointed Mara.    - I think we lost our driving. Daniel said to John    - The blast! The son of a bitch blew the V8? We are open! What do we do? John was scared.    - That's right! Mara agreed. He trapped us in this wilderness.    - Shut up! Daniel said ... Listen ... are hearing this.    - Yes Is the bus! It is near here. Mara said.    - See ... he's right there! Daniel said pointing skyward. The bus was hidden inside Maracanãzinho! Mara put her hand over her eyes.    - You'll be doing this all day is? John said while the two were in a trance. She saw the inside of the bus. They were all members remaining inside, tied to chairs, gagged. The killer looked one by one.    - You really want to save these lives? Think you can simply speak with my mission. You really do not know anything girl! I'll give you a chance to save some of them.    Mara was stunned.    - How can you get to talk to me? It never happened.    - Which one do you want first?   That's when the voice of Daniel surprendeu Mara.    - What do you think you're doing? This is not a mission, it's a massacre idiot!    - And you know well what it is not is brother?    - I'm not your brother!    - Daniel Stop! I got it! Just do your part!    - What is it? Daniel asked with a different tone in her voice.    - Stand still while I try to save these lives. What do you want? Mara asked the clone.    - I will release three of them. But for that you have to accept my challenge.    - Do not do it! Daniel said to the clone.    - Shut up Daniel! Mara said. Do not interfere!    - If you prefer so. But do not say we did not warn you.    - Okay, I accept. What should I do to save them?    - Wait until I tell you! Said the killer. The bus now hovering 200 meters above them. John looked pointing his weapon, knowing that never would be right there. A door opened.    - What is he planning? John thought     Mara and Daniel saw everything, he removed the gag of the three men opened the door and looked down. Reentered the bus and gave the order for the computer. Descend 150 meters. Mara sighed confident. Daniel remained silent. John confused by all that held his gun still firmer.    - What is happening ... Damn! I hate being here alone with the two of you this way ... are like zombies! His white eyes is something so very strange! Ah ... my God! I think I'm going crazy, now I'm talking to myself! Why is he coming down anyway? That's when the bus suddenly stopped above them.    - Want to save them again? The clone asked.    - Yes I do! I said! Do whatever it takes! Tell me what you want ... I have to do?    - It is very simple my dear! Just hold them steady. Said one of them catching the killer and bringing him to the door. She realized it too late. The body was thrown 50 meters in height, and came toward him. John was stunned. The body fell at a frightening speed. John jumped toward Mara and Daniel who were still in a trance and shifted the trajectory of the body. The time it took. Mara and Daniel fell to the ground, both awake trance, John and Daniel looking up, two more bodies were coming straight toward the three. Mara stunned saw nothing except the ground that played. Rose groping and seeking someone. Just heard screams coming from the sky. John reflexively rolled to his left and saw a body smash the bit where he was lying. That's when Daniel stood with his hands cuffed and jumped toward Mara pushing it. The two fell more forward. The other body landed right where Mara was. John Mara and Daniel looked amazed.    - Are you okay? Asked Daniel to Mara.    - Yes! I am. Thank you! Up to that for a 66 year old you're in shape! He got up pretty quick with these handcuffs. Daniel smiled.   - Too bad soldier! It was the voice of the clone, the same voice of Daniel, but with a very sarcastic tone. He spoke through a megaphone special that was deployed in all buses of that type. You lost the challenge! It's a shame. You acted rashly! Clone laughed. Like wordplay Daniel.    - What is he talking about? Asked John    - Precipitation is a kind of death penalty. That's what he's talking about.    - You tried to warn me! That was it?    - Yes    - I'm sorry!    - Stop apologizing for him. John said    - You're the best! I wanted to thank factor by 3001. Ah, mine was over and you brought me a great deal. Pena has not left anything for you.    - What is he talking about? Silva asked the agent.    - He took our factor 3001. Daniel answered.    - But you have more. It is Mara?    - No! Everything was in carro.Água, food. Everything!    - Damn!    - Do not brood! Nowadays there are people dying while everything is like. You will die at least browned. It was a pleasure friends! And Daniel ... the original is not always better than copying! Goodbye! You remind me of the Three Stooges. The turbines trazeiras coach called and he left.    - And now what do we do? Asked John    - Do not know. The factor that we take the stand until nightfall. There will gain a further four hours. So the way is to walk. Mara said.    - You're forgetting something! Said Daniel. In the meantime we'll be safe from the sun. Four hours, our sweat clothes these silicone will spread our scent, we are easy target for nanoinfectos. They will track the Mara. and then how do we defend ourselves? Paralyzes them with a weapon other than ice pierces your skin.    - I hate to agree with him but we are left in hell, if not die burned, the demons of nanoinfectos find us ... I think he's right. We have a serious problem! Said John    - What do you suggest we do, Daniel? She asked.   Continued ...     Precipitation is a method of applying death penalty in that the body is launched from a high altitude location and may be, for example, a roller bridge or building (in modern time). Death is caused by the impact of the body with the ground. Despite being one of the oldest methods in the world, there are records of recent cases in Iran and Iraq.   HVD Holographic Versatile Disc Holographic Versatile Disc or.    With it you can record a huge density of information coming up to the level of Terabytes of data (trillions of bytes) on a single disc. This would amount to a storage capacity 800 times that of a standard DVD stores today. This type of DVD is still called the experimental HVD.     Maracanã-guaçu, bird that gives rise to the name of the stadium. The official name of the stadium, Mário Filho, was given in honor of the late carioca journalist, brother of Nelson Rodrigues, who stood out in supporting the construction of the Maracana. But the popular name comes from the Maracanã River, which crosses the Tijuca through St Kitts, flowing in the Mangue Channel before the runoff in the bay. In Tupi-Guarani the word Maracana means "like a rattle". [5] Due to the construction of the stadium, was created the Maracanã where the stadium is located, originally part of Tijuca. In this area of ​​town, there were many birds coming from northern Brazil, known as Maracanã-guaçu.   Readers and friends thank you for accompanying the series ...  
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