Tale Death Penalty - Chapter I - The Condemned

- Give me leave, please. Detective Mara passing. Mara was a detective ice. Not an ordinary detective. The first of the military college in twenty-two of twenty-eight subjects studied. A phenomenon and the part that was not all ...

 She was in police suit, vest, and sunglasses, was 34 years old, was a brunette and six feet tall.
- How long was he out? She asked looking at the body before him. A body attached to a kind of wooden wheel. He was almost naked, just a cloth covering his private parts. A hammer lying beside her. There were no fractures, his feet and hands were firmly tied to wooden wheel, purple spots on your legs and arms, their members rolled the wheel that was lifted horizontally on a stake. Mara put his hand on the man's eyes. Her eyes rolled back, and a beautiful greenish lost in a stunning white. The images invading his mind. The killer's face. Continued here: http://www.recantodasletras.com.br/contosdeterror/3995622


2. Tale Death Penalty - Chapter II - The Clone


Mara pointed the gun at John Carlos, his left hand holding a pistol K-58, cartridge 60 shots, while the right was on the eyes of the soldier who guided her up there. His eyes were lost in a deep black, the soldier paralyzed, inert, as if hypnotized. Agent Silva stared as the mechanical arms down toward the body of Daniel, the noise of a saw approaching increasingly ...    - I told you! Stop this execution, or the next you will be running agent! By disobeying a direct order from the president.    - I think you better listen to her friend! - Daniel spoke while breathing deeply ... her eyes watching every move of mechanical arms.    - I'm not your friend! - John said to Daniel. - Abort running 40,353.    A reddish color fleche took the camera and all the white smoke dissipated in seconds. The agent looked at Mara Silva. Her look in a mix of anger and disappointment.    - Releasing handcuffs.    - From the death chamber for freedom. - Daniel laughed and mocked.    - Do not think that will get rid of me.    - And who said I want it?    - Let's Daniel! We have no time to lose.    - Only if it is with us! - Said the doomed rising with difficulty.    - What? John was surprised. What game are you doing you idiot?    - Do not have time for this! Come soon! - Mara said to Daniel.    - Alright, this is it or connect the camera and then finish execution. - Said he lying again.    - Ok, it may come. But, come soon. Both! John left the chamber leading Daniel, he was not entirely free, his arms were trapped behind a special handcuff. Something that only the agent Silva could open.    - I do not know what you're doing, but believe me, you'll be dead soon as this is over.    - I hope so for years agent! Do not be shy about doing it, please.    - Boys knock this affair! Daniel? - He approached and Mara took his hands toward his eyes. He had no reaction time, froze, Mara's eyes were closed. She was in a trance. She received the image, as if watching a movie in 3D. The killer was a man hanging upside down, tied his hands and feet, lay two trunks erected parallel. In one foot and left hand tied, on the other foot and right hand. The victim was naked, conscious and screaming for help. But there was no injury. Stay calm! - Daniel said to him ... - It'll be okay! Soon everything will pass. You are divided friend! I'll help you!    - What are you doing? - He asked the agent Silva. But both Mara and Daniel did not listen. They were inside the room, the men in suits still confused with what was going on.    - Help!! Save me! - It was an open spot. The scorching sun on bare skin that man made her take a reddish color. He was full of blemishes, rashes were like. Mara already felt the agonizing feeling that that was causing the pain. Even with the factor 3001, feel that heat the skin if exposed for long. It was necessary to use special clothes, overalls peplasticone a material mixture originating from a special plastic to withstand produced under heat and pressure, and at the same time not losing its flexibility. This material was attached to a new kind of silicone that as the former was highly resistant to ultraviolet and intemperismos. Mara continued. He tried to find out where this man was, looking for some clue. I could not see the walls, just a statue of a man, if you could not see his face right because the killer not focused on him, but on the plate below the monument ...   "Inauguration of the monument in 2013 ... retired in 2011, the largest ... of ... a 14 ... "     Was open. It was a huge place. The man was terrified ...   - What is this?? What will you do to me?? For the love of God, set me free!! Please!! - The man screamed as, whatever he saw left him completely frightened. Suddenly Mara woke up scared.    - God, what will he do? - His thoughts still confused. - Where is he? - Daniel looked scared.   - After what you did to me? And what are you?    - The question you should ask her asshole is why she saved you? What does she want from you?    - Let's move! - I'll explain on the way. - Agent And you, come with us?    - Yes Pleasure to kill this bastard will be all mine! - John said that feeling the first time would face a real danger of being a cop. Something he had never experienced for choosing to be part of the body of agent Nova Bangu.    - Ok! Take this. They will not survive long outside without these pills, I have more special clothes with me in my car, there you are exchanged. The effect of the factor 3001 is six hours, but caution should be taken for every five hours.    - So did you get? They created a factor that really protects against UVA. But this is fabulous! - Daniel was completely disconnected from the world for years.    - Daniel Yes, but create horrible things with it. And today you are the worst.    - Hmm ... I see you've got an admirer.    They went toward the V8, the car doors were raised with a simple voice command Mara. They entered the car suddenly floated soon was two feet off the ground, worked eight turbines at the bottom, four on the back, these were the most potent, two in front and two more on each side of the tip, the which were responsible for spinning the car. Mara put her hand on a screen 25 cm x 25 cm which stood on the right side of a small wheel-shaped boomerang. A metallic voice came from the speakers of the car,    - "Recognition of complete digital ... Where are we going Mara soldier? ".    - Do not know. Search in the national basis of these data, I want a statue, the inscription was unreadable in places. What I could read was just that: "Inauguration of the monument in 2013 ... retired in 2011, the largest ... of ... a 14 ... "    - Starting scan! - Said the mechanical voice while the electronic panel passed a series of statues on the screen, containing all the keywords, some just opening, but all in 2013.    - God, the technology seems to have evolved as well. - Daniel seemed to be fascinated with the car.    - Not so much. But the pharmaceutical, yes this has improved considerably. - Mara said.    - Then we will clarify what is happening? - The agent said Silva.    - Well! My name is Mara Torres, investigative agent, a detective ice. I am responsible for all current National area. I received a message today at 12:00 am reporting the hijacking of a bus aerodynamic model VCX 47, Class 1, which had 37 passengers and the pilot ...    - What does class 1? - Daniel interrupted.    - Members of the new state! They were making a visit to the new industrial hub. Well, of the 38 who were on the bus, a clone was disguised, he did all these people hostage.    - A clone? But it was banned! You do not ... - Daniel said.    - We did so, Daniel! A small number of them!    - Good heavens! - The agent said Silva.    - I also think a mistake, but it was the way we can test the factor 3001. It was a difficult decision, but had to be taken private. Well, clones showed themselves harmless, just fulfilled his role, came and went, stood outside during the day but returned on time ...    - Up? - Interrupted the agent.    - Until two days ago, when one of them disappeared.    - E kidnapped these people? - John inquired    - Yes Immediately he killed 11 members of the new state, and cast down the street. Deaths horrendous. They were shot the bullet, one by one, machine gun and rifle fire, eyes, heads, arms and legs deformed, he asked them to stay side by side and forced them to sing the National Anthem. Who knows the National Anthem today? - She said. He did not stop shooting while one was breathing, blood shed with an incredible coolness. It was the last thing I could see the eyes of the victims. This is my power, that's what I am, is a kind of gift that I came up with my visual impairment, I can feel things by touch, feel and see them clearly, if I touch the wall I see it, if I touch you I see you, but if I touch your eyes, I see everything that you see, or anything you've seen before. But I do not see the future. Only the present or the past. And not much in the past, only an hour at most.    - But what's that got to do with this story? - Daniel asked.    - A new law as well you did not allow reminded clonássemos a living person, a citizen, then you used the New State, a group of 15 sentenced to death, "non-citizens", given up for dead people to society.    - Then the clone is a clone of an ex-con? - Silva questioned the agent.    - The most dangerous of the last hundred years to tell the truth! And now with a huge strength and intelligence.    - They made me a clone? You are crazy? - Daniel seemed terrified by the news.    - A clone of him? - John repeated stunned.    - I agree with you completely missed them.    - How many people has he killed? - Daniel asked.    - 12 members!    - ... 12 first eleven, collective death -. Daniel observed.    - How?    - Firing! He glared members. The death penalty was held in Brazil. Many thought that the death penalty does not exist here. But it was not true. She existed. For a few cases, cases almost impossible to occur. Not murder, theft ... the constitution of 1988 allowed the death penalty only in cases of declared war, they thought death by firing squad less dishonorable than for example the gallows or decapitation. So if the case were to be applied, the shooting was the only alternative. The second death presume, that was "The Wheel." He is following my script is not?    - Yes! - Mara said.    - God! Where is the president? - Silva asked the agent.    - Among the hostages.    - But what about security? - Daniel asked.     - What for security? There was no theft, murder, unless there is something done by nanoinfectos night. Sixteen years without crimes. They were safe in the current conception of security.    - And now you want me to help get me?    - I just need you around. You're only chance we get him. You are connected to Daniel. I see it in your eyes. You are my prisoner now. Our only chance to end this.    - How neat! Rather than kill you once. 'll Be happy to kill him twice. So I'm enjoying it. - Commented John    - Funny! - Joked Daniel.    - Monument found! - Broke the car's computer.    - Where is it? - Mara asked.    - "Inauguration of the monument in 2013 ... retired in 2011, the top scorer with 14 goals canopy "Ronaldo Luiz Nazario Statue of Lima ... Also known as Ronaldo.    - Where is this statue? - Mara insisted.    - The statue stands in the old stadium Maracanã! A gift of extinct Flamengo and CBF in honor of former player.    - Maracanã. Of course! The statue was inaugurated in 2013 for the 2014 Cup frustrating. Said Daniel.    - Take us there ASAP V8. - Ordered Mara.    - Following coordinates. - Said a voice from the speakers.    - What is the next death? - Asked Mara to Daniel.    - You better find it soon. When you saw him in the room, he was tied upside down in two distinct trunks. Time is running out.    - Yes But, wait. How do you know?    - I saw him too! He'll break it in half soldier Mara. It's a horrible death. He vai Saw it from the anus, if he does that with little feat, the victim will die when the saw reach the navel, but if he is good like me, ah ... God bless you!    - Jesus! - Mara was amazed.    At that moment Mara clutched the eyes of Daniel. They were half an hour will the stadium. Mara saw the man.  - Do not do it, please? He begged! What did I do? I apologize!! Forgiveness! Pardon me sir! - But it was no use. Clone laughed.  - There is no forgiveness for you! - He positioned the saw and started sawing slowly. The skin being scratched by the teeth of the blind and rusty old hacksaw.  - Know why you're upside down? - He smiled coldly. - In this position you will lose little blood and your brain becomes very oxygenated, which will allow a slower death, which I love to see. It was a saw of 1.30 m, back and forth, back every pieces of skin, blood, screams, moans and whispers intense. The pain in the eyes of the victim was indescribable. The clone made a point of seeing them. The hindquarter reached the genital organ, finally went through, breaking it in half, the man could no longer scream, her head kept quiet, trembling, shaking, as if in a crazy rock show until the saw reached the navel, and the body is collapsed ... Mara woke up!    - My God! He is a monster! You're a monster!    - Take it easy! Mara has not seen anything!    - You saw it too?    - Yes We shortly. It will continue until the body is completely split in two. We need to go fast.    - So you want to help us?    - I had my reasons for doing what I did. I'm guilty for my mistakes and want to pay for them. We need to find him before he kills more people.    - Do not trust him Soldier. He's playing with you! This man is a cold-blooded killer, a sick mind.    - I did not say that I am not this, Agent Smith! - Daniel looked at the agent, his brown eyes and narrow, saw the figure of John Carlos agent, about 1.86 meters tall, bald, big eyes like an owl.    - Settle down! We need to unite to get it. Daniel will pay for their crimes. I guarantee this agent Silva, but we need his help now. He is the one who knows the clone as well! Think Agent Smith. It is the letter that we have hidden in our sleeve.    - Whatever! - Said John desgrudarei But not him by any second.   Continued ...   Continued ... This is one of the cruelest death penalties ...   This instrument was used a bit throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. The hacksaw was used to punish various crimes (witchcraft, military disobedience, rebellion, homosexuality, ...) probably because it would be easily found and guarantee rapid execution.   The victim was tied by the feet upside down in order to get the maximum brain oxygenation and delay the inevitable loss of blood, so she just lost consciousness when the saw lha reached the navel, or sometimes even the chest.   Read also ...   Death penalty - Chapter I - The Condemned   E    "The Hangman" in e-book or episodes on my page.   A big hug to everyone and be with God!  
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