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brooke, and hannah go to the concert of their lives and meet the lads, then brooke and hazza get together, but what happenes when brooke dissapears and hazza must find her...


2. leaving

Brooke's P.O.V

I woke up thinking last night was a dream. I walked out of the bedroom to find Hannah passed out on the couch, i don't even know why she did sleep in her room. Owell i grabbed a glass of water walked over and quietly sang "its time to get up, its time to get up," i finished that when i yelled "ITS TIME TO GET UP," and i poured water on her, with that she jumped up and started chasing me, yelling "Brooke im going to get you for that," i laughed and ran then i remembered why we had to get up "no, stop we have to be out of here in an hour," i tried to say with a angry face but i couldn't i started smiling and we walked in and started packing.

We weren't talking until Hannah broke the silence with "did you get harry s number ?" i thought about what happened and replied with "nah,don't think anything would have happened, he only thought we were fine, doesn't mean he liked me," then Hannah replied cheekily, "i never said he liked you or anything was going to happen," i got embarrassed, then she started laughing, i playfully hit her and said "shut up," then i said, "what about Niall ?" she shook her head and we laughed at how stupid we were being because, we have loved them for years and everyone was right that they would never want to go out with us. We then relised what we were laughing at, then we actually got upset but i put it to the back of my mind adn kept packing.

We finished packing, got dressed and headed down stairs to check out. I got changed into a big grey hoodie and Jeggings (jeans/tights) and same with Hannah. and my hair was tyed in a messy bun.

We got to the receptionest desk and handed our key in, we relised all the fans where still there we started to get curious but we didnt really care becuase we were leaving today, we started to head out the door.

Harry's P.O.V

I didn't get much sleep last night because i was thinking about Brooke, i might not ever get to see her. We headed down to the lobby because we had one last interview, we walked out of the elevator, and i couldn't believe my eyes, i saw Brooke and Hannah with their suitcases walking out the door, i screamed out "BROOKE," she must not of herd  wanted to chase after her but paul started pushing my throught the back door into the van, i tried to push back so i could talk to Brooke but Paul didn't let me.

Me and the lads where in the van and i said "hey lads, guess who stayed in our hotel last night and we didn't even see them.." i waited for a reply and lou said "my carrot bunnies ?" i shook my head, then Nial said "Demi and Seleana ?" he seamed excited but i said "no, yous suck at guessing but anyway it was Brooke and Hannah, i saw them leaving, i tried to scream out but they couldn't hear because of the fans," Niall sai d"dammit how could we have not seen them, " i shruged.

And then once again we were getting pushed through fans to get to the interview. We arrived on set and then we herd the interviewer say "guys what good looking lads we have joining us today ?" the whole crowed screamed "ONE DIRECTION," then i think that was our cue to go on stage so we ran on.

Brooke's P.O.V

Me and Hannah decided to get breakfast before we leave we went to the closest Cafe and sat down, there was a TV infront of us and we ordered then i had a glance at the TV while hannah was talking sh enoticed and she turned aswell then we both relised who where on T.V we screamed in sync "ONE DIRECTION," we started watching

~10 minuted into interview

Our food came and we said thank you, I was eating and listening to the boys, and of course the question that every interview asks "so whos taken and whos single ?" Lou said excitedly, " well i have a beautiful girlfriend Eleanor, and it was just our 1 year anniversary,and zayn my friend is dating Perrie edwards out of Litlle Mix," The the interviewer said "so that means you three are single, ?" they nodded and the interviewer started to speak when harry interupted, "Except last night i met a girl, Here name was Brooke and i have no way of contacting her, i really wanna talk to her," me and Hannah both spat out water and looked straight at the screan, and harry continued " to be honest this whole interview i have been thinking about her, we have onlymet once but i cant forget her," me and hannah looked at eachother and started screaming ' YYAAAAYYY," then hannah said loudly "Harry styles has a crush on you, and he wants to talk !HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU AAHHH!" the whole cafe started laughing at us, we got embarassed and payed for our brekfast and walked out

"Hannah , how am i going to talk to him, he is leaving Australia Today and not coming Back for another year, and its going to be hard to talk to him seen as i have no contact with him," Hanah said " i promiss you yous will some how find eachother," i nodded and wehoped in the car and headed back home.

Hannah was driving because i drve here and i was her turn, i was bored so i checked twitter, and "#findharry'smysteriegirl" was trending, i screamed and noticed harry made that his tweet as well, i showed Hannah and we fan girled, ahha. 

Harry's P.O.V

 i wanted to find Brooke and after the interview i went on twitter and saw what was trending, i decided to make it my twitter status aswell because i really want to find Brooke where ever she is....

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