Deeply in Love!

This story is going to be about how harry meets his soon to be his wife and mother of their children! you will have to read to figure out how they meet. spread the word and help me get to the popular novels please! i will try to finish as much as i can and i will also try to do one chapter a day.


3. Meeting the family

Nicole P.O.V

When we got to harrys house i couldnt believe what i was seeing it was huge. It was white on the outside. It looked to be a palace. I asked harry is this your very own house? he replied yes and his eyes seemed to be happy. it was about 17 times the normal houses. is this your very own house i questioned looking into harrys eyes. He said yeah my very own i live in this house with me, my mom, and my sister. Now you will be joning us so my mom and my sister will have some company and my sister is off to her colledge tomorrow so it is only going to be you and my mom sometimes. We took a step closer to the door and harry took his keys out and opened the door which was 5 times bigger than us. I step in the house and he close the heavy door behind us. it looked much bigger from the inside. In the house there was a swirly stairs and also had 2 stories the swirly staris split into 2 different ones in the middle. It had a huge, shinny, glass shandlair. It also had a big windows, glass doors, and also a beach in the back. They had the dream house that i have always wished to have in my whole entier life. but i was so happy that i get to live in mmy dream house with my dream boy for couple of days. i asked harry where his mom was and he replied she will be back soon. And would she except me and let me live here. He said yeah why not you are an amazing girl. She also gets lonely sometimes so she would be happy with you giving her company.

Harry P.O.V.

When she got in the house she was silent i was wondering and i had so many questions unanswered in my mind. But when she asked me is your mom gonna be okay with me staying here. I felt like she didnt trust herself and i felt like hugging her make her feel so happy to be with me and tell her that i loved her. But i  had to wait and make her fall in love with me first before i can tell her that i love her. But  i still hugged her. my mom came through the door caring a bag of grosery. she was looking at nicole so i went up to her and told her that nicole will be living with us for couple of days. She was really happy. she had a huge smile on her face and she seemed to reflect the smile on nicoles face. I was so happy that she agreed and let her stay. She said nicole could stay in the room right across from mine. she went to her room i gave her direction to the room. And i stayed down to tell the whole story about nicole  to my mom and tell her she was pregant. but when i was done telling her about her my mom said i took the right desigen to bring her here for couple of days.    

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