Deeply in Love!

This story is going to be about how harry meets his soon to be his wife and mother of their children! you will have to read to figure out how they meet. spread the word and help me get to the popular novels please! i will try to finish as much as i can and i will also try to do one chapter a day.


1. Concert Night

Harry P.O.V

"Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn are ready to go guys." As i grabed my keys for the car, and yelled to mom we are going to the concert. After that we are gonna go get dinner outside, so we might be late. Bye!!!!! As soon as we reached the concert hall,, we got prepared for the performance that we were giving to the queen. Niall yelled it's 5:50. Ten minutes till the show. We made each other laugh to take the nevrosness out. It was time to do the show host yelled its time boys.


We were amazing everybody complemeted us. We have never seen this big of a crowed before. It was crazy and everyone seemed to agree with me on that one. I am going to go get the cake out of the car. so Niall can cut it for his birthday.

Nicole P.O.V

Augustina, and Lexi come on we are gonna be late we have to get to the concert before it is over. We also got the worst seats of all. Come on you two, you are way to slow. We will have to go through the back door because of the crowd and the screaming fans in the front it is going to take us way too long to get there. Oh Crap! We are late the concert is done. At that point Harry opened the back door and hit me with it in my head. Augustina and Lexi yelled are you okay? And then they look up and there was Harry standing. He helped her up and Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn came rushing out. they all suggest to take me to the doctor. Everybody sat in the limbo and the lads to us to the doctor.

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