Deeply in Love!

This story is going to be about how harry meets his soon to be his wife and mother of their children! you will have to read to figure out how they meet. spread the word and help me get to the popular novels please! i will try to finish as much as i can and i will also try to do one chapter a day.


2. At the doctors!

Harry P.O.V

We just arrived at the doctors office. The doctor took the girl inside for a check up. I was shaking beacuse that poor girl just got hit by the door on excident. She was hurt I could see it in her eyes. she was  also about to cry. She looked really sexy in the dress. I was wondering about her so i start to talk to her friends that were standing right by the door crying because she had fainted. i tried talking to them to make them feel better and figure out who that girl was. Well they talk to me for about a minute and from that i found out that that girl was named nicole. she was a small town girl that was crazy about us. Then the doctor came out and we all jumped up and asked the doctor "is she all right?" the doctor had a really sad expression on his face and then it changed to happy face and said yeah she is alright but you know she is preganant and you can take her home now but take good care of her. i had tears rushing down my face i thought we could have had something between us but not. Lexi yelled no this can not be i was afarid this was gonna happen. They both had tears coming down their face. i asked them "why did you guys say that i was affraid this was gonna happen" i mean arent you happy for her. augustina replied no. i asked why not? lexi replied she was raped couple days ago and she just prtends to be happy but from the inside she is terified and she doesnt want us to worry about her. i questioned didnt her parents file a case against that person. No said lexi because her parents died in a car accident when she was 10 years old and she was a only child so she has been living with us since then. i felt really sorry for her. I asked if she can come live with us for couple days. At our house my mom can take care of her for couple day she wont have any problem there and she can forget about bad things and have a little break form her old life. lexi said yeah sure we live like 10 minutes from here you can call us if you have any problems. i sure will.

Nicole P.O.V

They all came in the room the doctor told me i was pregant and i said no that cant be true. I was crying when they came in the room. Lexi and augustina told me that i was gonna go live with harry and his family for couple of days. i said no i just want to go home. harry said no you can come with me and isnt that what you have wanted to live in my house. i said yeah but this will give you way to many problems. i mean me being pregant. He sat on the bed next to me and said just give me all your problem and started your life as a fresh start. I said alright i will come with you. Harry helped me up and helped me through the long hallways of the hospital. and when we go to the car all the boys were waiting in there. Harry introduced me to the other guys and said that she is going to be living with us for couple of days. Everbody seem to have liked that idea. me and harry sat in the car and and we said goodbye to lexi and augustina. and then harry closed the door. and we took off to harrys house.

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