"Beep...beep...beep..." I reach over and turn my alarm off.


2. Meeting New People

"There I got all my shorts, t-shirts, tank-tops, pants, sweatshirts, everything I need to travel around the world. Were are my sneakers?" I said to myself.

"Are these it?" Said my best friend Lindsey, holding up a pair of my sneakers.

"Lindsey! How'd you get it?"

"You dropped your keys outside the door."

"Oh...So were are your suitcases?" I asked.

"There in you know whose car." She said, rolling her eyes.


"Don't say his name!" She yelled really loud. Probably waking up all of Europe and Asia. 

"Okay! I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I'm sorry for yelling at you, ready?"

"Almost. Just need to fit my sneaker's in my...There ready!"

"Okay lets go!"


When we got outside, 'You know whose car' was out there, there were three guys there. One was cute and the other was smoking hot. So wasn't Erik with his jeans that showed off his butt, a muscle t-shirt, black spiky hair, sunglasses...But I would never at mite that. Well...Out loud anyways.

"Who are these smoking hot cheeks?" Said the cute guy. I felt the blood flow towards my cheek and pictured my face red like a tomato. 

"This is Izabell, my partner I guess. And this is Lindsey, my ex-girlfriend." He said. And once he said that, the idea of him being hot, just washed down the sink. I mean, it was still there, but not that much of it. Still a lot of it though...

"I'm not talking to you" Said Lindsey.

"You just did." Said Erik, in his smartass voice.

"Dick face." Grumbled Lindsey.

"What do you mean ex-girlfriend? Why would you ever break up with that figure?" Said the hot guy.

"Because he is a dick face?" Said Lindsey.

"You have no idea." Said the cute guy.

"Lindsey, Izabell, meet my stupid friends, Luke and Nick." You probably know who said that, so I'm not even going to say his name.

"Lindsey, if I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go." Said Luke. Then Nick and Erik bursted out laughing. I was trying so hard not to do the same, but I really failed on that.

"You got that from the Justin Bieber song, boyfriend." Said Lindsey.

"So? Its a good line. And Izabell you are so smoking hot, I see how Erik likes you." I felt the blood flow back to my face again. And I looked over at Erik and his face was turning a little pink too. HA! 

"I don't like her." Erik said. I started to smile and he gave me a sneer. HA HA! Loser...

"Then why did you drive to her hotel and wait for her?" Luke said.

"Because I feel bad for her." He said.

"Oh, yeah, I heard about last night. I'm really sorry. Hes a total doush." Said Luke.

"Woah, wait a minute. What the hell happened last night?" Lindsey said. Dammit! I didn't want her to know! Screw you Erik!

"Nothing!" I said.

"Izabell?" I walked over and whispered into her ear,"Last night Peter and I had an argument. He yelled at hit me." 

"WHAT?! WHERE?!" She asked, very very loudly. 

"On my cheek."

"We are going right on over to his house-"

"Apartment." Erik interrupted.

"Shut up, we are going over to his 'Apartment' and going to kick his ass until he is calling for mom. " While she is talking, she is pushing us all in the car."Now, Erik, drive to his 'Apartment'." She said.

"I don't know where he lives!" He said.

"Really? Move over, I'll drive."

"No. I do not trust you driving my car. This is my favorite, you will probably break it." He said."

"Oh! Like you broke my heart." Once she said that, everyone in the car went dead silent. 

"...Fine." Erik get out of the sit and jumps right behind me.

"Okay, here we go!"

"Oh god, were going to die." I said. She starts to drive, then she slams onto the breaks and we all go fly back. And, of coarse, I land on Erik lap.

"Hey." He said.

"Get off me!" I said.

"Technically, you are sitting on me so..." I tried to get up, but I accidentally elbowed him into his balls, really hard.

"Shit! That fucking hurt!" He screamed.

"Oh god! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to elbow you there. I'm really really sorry." I apologize.

"Bull shit! I think you broke my balls!"

"Well, you gotta admit, you kinda deserve it." I said while smiling. I know it was mean, but he did deserve it.

"Ha ha very funny."

"I'm a very funny person, now can you move so I can get up." I said. I try to get up, but she slams on the breaks again, and I fell back into his lap.

"Hi again." He said.

"Shut up." 

"Here we are!" Lindsey yells.

"Finally!" Everyone yells, and jump out of the car. 

"Come on Izabell, we are going up there to kick his ass! You can come too Luke." 

"Yeah, I always wanted to kick a rich guys ass."

"I don't know about that, if hes rich than he could probably buy us and then have us be his slaves." Said Nick.

"Hes not that rich. If he was then he would probably be living in a mansion than a hotel." Said Luke.

"He does own three mansions and kind of half of Montana." I said.

"I'm still going to kick his ass!" Said Luke.

"I am only come in to make sure Luke doesn't do anything stupid." Said Nick.

"Yeah me too. And I wanna see his ass get kicked." Said Erik. And we all walked in. I was kinda scared. They do not know what he looked like. I am really scared right now. Please god, don't let him hit me again. Have him hit Erik instead.




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