Summer Love

Ariana Bennett's summer love happened to be Harry Styles. But she didn't know he was who he was at the time. She was vacationing with her family of the California coast on a cruise ship. One Direction happened to be on it. They fall in love; the summer ends with a special night. What will happen next in their lives?


5. The Name

Harry's P.O.V.

I really wanted to see Ariana. I loved her. Hell, I still love her. She was and will always be my summer love. Louis had finally made me get up today after a whole day of seeing her. I got up out of my bed, naked, and walked to the kitchen and our flat. Us boys all shared one. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal then walked back to my room.

I finished up my cereal just to hear Liam say, "Harry make yourself decent we've got company!" I put on some sweats, not bothering with a shirt. I messed with my hair and pushed it to the side and walked out to the living room. The I saw her. Ariana. She had the adorable little baby girl with her. I stared at her for a few seconds until Ariana saying hi brought me out of my little trance. I sat down on the couch beside Louis and Zayn. Ari sat in one of the chairs with Fallon in her lap. I looked at that little girl and realized her green eyes were very familiar. She smiled at us and then looked down at the baby. The silence surrouding us all was very awkward. Finally, she spoke up.

"Well, um, guys.. I've got some pretty shocking news. This, is my daughter, Fallon, and.." She trailed off and looked at Louis. Niall looked pretty shocked, but then he asked her who the father was and I'm sure all of us wanted to know as well. I looked at Ari and waited for her to spill who the father was. The bastard who'd done this to her, who'd took away something I wanted to give her. Ari looked at me, then said something I definitely wasn't expecting, "Harry."

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