Summer Love

Ariana Bennett's summer love happened to be Harry Styles. But she didn't know he was who he was at the time. She was vacationing with her family of the California coast on a cruise ship. One Direction happened to be on it. They fall in love; the summer ends with a special night. What will happen next in their lives?


2. Fallon Sierra Bennett

Ariana's P.O.V

I woke up with a very stronge urge to pee. I sat up in my bed and felt water explode all over me and my bed. Oh crap. My water just broke. This baby was coming tonight. I quickly changed into another pir of sweatpants, grabbed my phone and clothes bag, and waddled out of my front door and into my car to get to the hospital. I drove as quickly as I could, trying to fight through the contractions that were radiating through my stomach. This was extremely painful and hard. Tears were streaming down my face as I drove up and parked in the hospital parking lot. I got out and waddled into the hospital. They immediately took me back ina wheelchair and got me prepared for labor.

I was pushing. No C-sections for me. The doctor had already come in and told me I was eight centimeters dialated. Only two more to go. I waited another thirty minutes and the doctor came back to check on me. I started to feel the need to push. I heard that I was ten centimeters dialated and one of the nurses said, "Ariana, you're going to have to start pushing now. Just breath in and out and I'll count to ten for you." One nurse hed one of my hands and another held the other. My doctor was down by my open legs. "One, two, three.." I staarted pushing really hard and squeezing the nurse's hand. "Eight, nine, ten. You're doing great, Ariana, keep pushing! One, two, three.." I pushed again, squeezing the heck out of the nurses' hands.

The same thing went on and on for what felt like six hours, but was only two when I heard my baby cry. The cries filled the room and I started crying. Even though I was in so much pain, I felt amazing to have my baby finally here. "Congratulations! It's a girl! A healthy baby girl! She weighs six pounds and seven ounces and she's seventeen inches long." I felt a baby being put into my arms. I opened my eyes and looked at my baby girl. Once the nurses finally left, after sewing me up, I said to the girl, "Hi, I'm your mommy. I'm your mommy, and your name is Fallon Sierra Bennett. I love you, Fallon."

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