Love As We Know It (One Direction FanFic)


5. Chapter 5


But we have been keeping in contact, and I really do miss her we did everything together. I still remember when we use to have sleepovers nearly every night we stayed up all night (hehehe) just talking about what we thought our future would be like, and I miss those nights. As I read the text I showed a small smile as I read the message  

“ Hey babe how u been? I’ve missed talking to u and also what have u been up to? J”


And I replied “Hi babe I’ve been good and I’ve missed u too and right now I’m on a plane to England and guess who is on the plane?J”


Then another familiar buzzing sound went off which means she had replied “ Why are u on a plane to England and I don’t know please tell meJJ”


I chuckled as I new she really wanted to know who it was. Tegan was always the funny one of the group and also very caring she never really cared for herself but she cared for everyone around her, and I loved whenever I was sad she would be there to cheer me up and if I was going though some tough times she would always be by my side and that was what I missed, that she isn’t by my side physically but mentally and I know she always would be no matter what. I text back


“ Because I hid my report card from my mum and I failed English and science then the principle called her and my mum said if I fail any subjects I have to go to England and live with my dad and also the people I’m on the plane with and have talked to is ONE DIRECTION (and they also saw my underwear and Harry saw me in my bra) J”


And I just couldn’t wait for her to reply and what she would have to say. She also love One Direction just as much as me, and I also can’t wait to what she says about the boys seeing my underwear and Harry seeing my bra this is going to be great, and there it went again the buzzing sound as I was just about to read it someone yelled out




I look to see who it was and it was Louis,


“ Oh, it’s my best friend” I say with a small smile


“ What there name?” Niall asked


“ It’s Tegan she been my best friend since I can remember”


“Are we going to be able to meet her?” Harry questions with his adorable smile. That question got me thinking because I’m going to England and she lives in England I could go see her, hopefully.


“ Well, I don’t know she might be busy” I say with a small frown


“ Why would she be busy?” Liam questions, man these boys ask a lot of questions. 


“ Because she is a dancer plus I haven’t seen her since I was in year 8 so she might be busy”


“Really she is a dancer for how long?” Louis asked.


 “ She has been a dancer since she was nine plus she is nineteen now so for about 10 years” I explain. 

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