Love As We Know It (One Direction FanFic)


4. Chapter 4


I blush like a tomato I so hope they can’t see me right now, mostly Harry. As I pretend I never heard them, I grab a drink of Mother and start to walk down the aisle to find my seat. As I go to sit down I heard some giggling I turn around to see that Zayn is asleep and is snoring with his mouth wide open and Louis and Harry with their iPhones out and recording. I couldn’t help myself but I let out a loud laugh and all the boys started staring at me I started blushing like mad and sit back down in my seat.


 Why do I keep blushing! I know they’re like, really hot and good singers, but why can’t I be normal! ‘Just stop blushing Mieka’, I say to myself while I was having my little moment. I didn’t realize the boys were sitting right in front of me… wait a second how the hell did they get there so fast? Then I remembered I had my drink. I was so thirsty so I start to open it when someone yells out




 I jump and my drink spills all down the front of me! I look at the boys and they are in fits of laughter, I stand up and luckily I had an extra bag beside me with a spare change of clothes so I take that and give them all death glares and walk to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror somehow I got so much of a fright the drink got all over my face and made my all my makeup come off. It was dripping all down the front of me; I look horrible well thanks a lot boys you just made my day. I had a look in my bag to find clean top the only thing I had was a black and white crop top! I can’t wear this I would look like some stuck up girl trying to impress them… which I’m not I’m am defiantly not one of those girls, why did I even have this top anyway; I don’t think I have worn it before! So, I dig a little deeper into my bag to see if there is anything else and luckily there was a baggy blue jumper that had the number one on it,


“Well that will have to do!” I say to myself, so I take off my wet top and was just about to put my jumper on. Then I heard a noise from behind me and I turn my head to find Harry standing there looking me up and down! I quickly grab the jumper to hide my body and yell




“Sorry the door wasn’t closed I thought no one was in here,” he chuckled while looking me up and down once again and I point to the door as I see his body disappear down the aisle I blush and quickly run to close the door before anyone else comes in. Oh crap I totally forgot to lock the door! I’m such an idiot and Harry just saw me in my bra! I put my jumper on and run to my seat and sat down. I don’t make any eye contact with anyone especially Harry because I bet he has already told the rest of the boys he saw me with a bra on. I just try to get it out of my head but I wish this plane would hurry up and land so I can get off here as fast as I can, so I grab my iPod and put it into my ears but when I was about to put my music on my phone buzzed in my pocket saying that I had a message, so I took it out of my pocket and had a look at who was texting me. The name said Tegan, she was one of my best friends all through primary school and high school but because she was a really good dancer so she left at the end of year 8 to go to a dancing school in England and I haven’t seen her since. 

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