Love As We Know It (One Direction FanFic)


3. Chapter 3


I go get my luggage and realize that I would rather live with my dad, than my mother who would do something as cruel as that, as I’m walking to my flight I see a mob of girls coming at me. I start to run and see 5 boys behind me they grab me and get on the flight. They’re huffing and puffing after they all caught they’re breath they all apologized. They were all wearing hats, sunglasses and scarves, and they ripped them off and I instantly realized who they were. They could see I was dumbfounded because my jaw was on the ground I was so amazed. Because who was standing in front of me? ONE DIRECTION! I look at Harry and he gives me a boyish grin, I tried not to blush but I couldn’t help it I blushed and I think he noticed!


I give my ticket to a nice-looking lady, find my seat, drop my luggage and run off to the toilet to calm down for a few minutes and fix my make-up. I walk back and sit down in my seat. I have a prickly feeling on my neck and look up, and whom do you think is sitting across from me? They’re all staring at me, so I try and act cool as the plane takes off and say,


“Why are you all staring at me?”


“Umm your shirt is kinda tucked into your underwear,” Harry quickly blurts out.


I squeal and quickly run back to the bathroom to fix it, I am SO embarrassed! One Direction has seen my underwear! Once I fix it I walk back out, all embarrassed and sit back down get my iPod and lean my head back on the chair and sing “One Thing” by One Direction out loud. I open my eyes to see all the boys were gone apart from Harry, he was staring at me with a silly grin on his face,


 “You’re a great singer,” he mumbles. I blush as he gets up and sits next to me.


 “What are you listening to?” he cheekily said as he puts one of my headphones in, and of course at this moment I had to be listening to “Gotta be you” by One Direction. And, to make matters worse it was Harry’s solo. He laughs takes my iPod throws it on his seat and sings me the song ‘Isn’t she lovely’, and as he was singing it he grabbed me and danced with me. He spun me and I see the rest of the boys behind me. I jump out of Harry’s arms and sit down.  The boys sit down and begin talking so I went off to go get a drink, as I start to make my back and hear them talking about me. “Do you have a bit of a crush Harry?” Liam muttered.


“No, okay maybe!”


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