Love As We Know It (One Direction FanFic)


2. Chapter 2


I wake up and its pitch black, I slowly turn my head and look at my alarm clock and see that’s its 7.30. I get up and get changed into a white singlet, flannelette pants and purple ugg boots. I pull my hair into a messy bun, and I sit back down open my Mac Book to check my messages on Twitter. A few moments later I hear knocking on the door and Aaron telling me that dinner is ready. I walk downstairs and sit down.


 “Spaghetti and meatballs!” Aaron explains, while I gobble it all up and put my plate in the sink, I rush upstairs to do my homework. A few hours later I look at the clock and its 11.00pm so I decide I will go to bed.


I awaken to the bright light called the morning sun and get out of bed. I begin walking out of my room but I trip and fall flat on my face. I get up and I realize I tripped on a suitcase… wait, what? I look around and there’s nothing in my room anymore. I look out my window to see my mum packing boxes into the car, labeled with things like ‘Mieka’s books’, ‘Mieka’s clothes’ and ‘Mieka’s jewellery’. Someone is yelling out my name, so I slowly walk down and realize that it was Aaron, and he’s holding one of my suitcases. He throws it on the ground and demands that I go get changed and get ready for a long drive. I run upstairs with the suitcase and get changed into black skinny jeans, a baggy jumper and my black and white converse and go do my make-up. Once I finished I grab my iPod, iPhone and suitcase and run downstairs and out the door to the car to throw the suitcase in. I get in the car and ask mum where we’re going but she won’t tell neither would Aaron… I never liked that guy; he was always so arrogant towards me. We begin driving so I chuck my headphones in and ignore everyone for about an hour, then we arrive at an airport and I have a pretty good feeling why we’re here. I feel so stupid that I didn’t realize until now but what’s happened has happened and nothing can change it. We all get out of the car and walk into the airport without any luggage or anything, Aaron and I go to get a drink while mum is at the ticket stand, we come back and mums got 3 tickets she slowly says that we’re going to Hawaii, I jump up and down out of excitement and have a grin plastered on my face, but then she says


 “Not you,” and hands me my ticket and it definitely doesn’t say Hawaii, it says England! I hold back the anger and tears and I just walk away. I turn back and say that I never want to see or talk to her ever again. 


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