Love As We Know It (One Direction FanFic)


1. Chapter 1


Hi my name is Mieka Hay, I’m 18 years old and almost a senior. I am fairly tall, 5’’6 and I have long brown hair. I have brown eyes and a nose ring. Yes, I’m obsessed with One Direction… problem? I don’t care. And I’m going to tell you my story and how I got to met the one and only Harry Styles.



I walk in the door from school to see my mother Joan sitting on the couch with my step dad Aaron and they don’t look happy. I walk upstairs to put my books and bag away and quickly get changed into a pair of black leggings with a wooly jumper. I’m about to do some homework when I hear my mother screeching my name, so I slowly walk down and sit on the couch across from her. She gives me a look and softly says,


 “Do you have anything you would like to tell me?”

 I stay silent, because I know why she is asking me this; It’s because I hid my report card from her because I have failed English and Science. She told me that if I fail one class I will have to go live with my real father in England and I really don’t want to move there. I don’t really like my dad and well, I don’t think he really likes me either. I think I’m going to end up moving there this summer. Anyway she’s still waiting for a response, so I just give her a look and lean back and cross my arms.


 “Well, your principal called me today,” she says while crossing her arms sounding disappointed. “Looks like you’re not doing to well in English and Science. It seems that you will be moving to England,” she says and slowly up and walking upstairs. Aaron and I are still sitting on the couches across from each other glaring at one another waiting for one of us to leave, so I get up and walk up to my room. I lock the door, jump on my bed put my headphones in and put some One Direction on and just ignore the world. 


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