For Better or For Worse

Paige Williams always wanted to have that perfect romance. To have someone always by there side. When she meets Niall Horan her whole world turns upside down. As there romance started to bloom secrets come up from the surface and memories from previous events come to haunt them. Will there love last or turn for the worse?


6. Visit From An Old Friend


--Paige P.O.V.--

After the whole nights events that just happened I decided to take a good long sleep. I had a real hard falling asleep because I kept replaying everything that happened. I mean I'm sure your all like *high pitched girly voice* omg! Why aren't you madly in love with him? An blah blah blah. Yah I know he's famous, good looking, and seems nice but I don't want to be involved with him. I'm not the type of girl who wants to be with someone like him. Too much comes with being the girlfriend of a majorly famous member of the biggest boyband in the world. I would rather stay away from it all. 

Well at about 3 a.m. I finally fell asleep. 

--Next Morning-- 

Ugh...I finally woke up and rolled onto my side and I just stared out the window wondering what to do. I picked up my phone off the nightstand to check what time it was. 1:30!! Lunch and breakfast already passed!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Me without like a people with no oxygen. My stomach started to grumble and growl about ever 2 minutes and I slowly but surely got up out of my bed and groggily walked to the bathroom to pee. I looked into the mirror to fine that my hair looked like a rats nest, drool on my face, and smeared makeup from last night. (Note this actually how I look in the morning) ain't I the most sexiest thing to wake up to in the morning. Ikr! 
After I took a good pee I walked into the kitchen to get myself some brunch...I guess you could call it. I looked into the cabinets for food and grabbed out a box of coco puffs and poured some in a bowl and poured in the milk. 

All of a sudden it hit me. OMG! I'm gonna be late for class.! I was running frantically around my room like a crazy mad woman chicken. As I was running I tripped over something, flailing my arms like a bird then face planting into the floor. THUD! Oww...pushing myself up slowly now my head throbbing intensly. I swear if I have a ginormous bumb on my head...-_-  Anyways I got up and hopped into the shower hopeing I won't be late for the first day of class. I got out of the shower running to my room making sure I didn't trip on anything and went straight for the closet. I chose a yellow sundress with a white jean jacket to wear over, a pair of white converse, and put on just a tad of makeup. For my hair I put my hair up into a cute messy bun, casual and stylish enough for first day don't yah think? 

After about an hour of getting ready I had just about enough time to get to school for my first class. I was extremely excited to go to university here. At about 2 o'clock I left the hotel room and jumped into an elevator. "Ugh! Why is this elevator so slow!?!" I was now screaming at myself in the elevator thinking that I was alone...but I thought to soon unfortunately. 

"Uhh I dunno." I heard an extremely attractive Irish accent and I was hoping it wasn't him again. This is like seriously my worst nightmare. I keep seeing this Niall person everywhere. Is he stalking me? Omg what if he is?!?! Suddenly I started to panic and didn't know what to do. I started to hyperventalate and then the elevator opened and I ran out as soon as I could and hopped into a cab and had him take me to my first day school. 

--Niall's P.O.V.--

Today was gonna be a busy day. First I have to BUY some food cuz they won't let me order anymore. Second, I have to meet with the boys later so we can catch up again and work on ideas for the new album. So I got out of bed and got myself some breakfast which was whatever was left over. Which was a tiny amount of cereal and pancakes, I think i'm gonna go and get breakfast. This is totally not enough. After I finished eating my breakfast which was like 2 minutes I hopped in the shower and threw on some clothes and headed to the elevator. *Beep Beep* From Zayn: We still on for today? To Zayn: Yeah just gotta go get some breakfast then I'll head over to where you guys are staying. From Zayn: Alright. See yah then. Finally the elevator door opened and hopped in. This elevator music was starting to get super annoying. I lost my train of thought when the elevator door opened and in walked mystery girl or Paige as I now know. Paige. I just love that name. I don't think she realized I was in here because she started mumbling to herself. 

"Ugh! Why is this elevator so slow!?!" I don't think she realized I was in here. 

"Uhh I dunno." At that moment her facial expression changed from irritated to panicked. Was it me? Did I do something? When the door opened she ran out of there as soon as she could. I wonder what was up her butt. I really wish she would call, I would really like to get to know her. She seems like a really nice girl and she's just...just beautiful. 


The walk to the store was long but I got my excersize in for the day. I had to wear a hat and shades so that way no one would recognize me. Getting mobbed by fans was one thing I did not need right now. I was just so confused about the whole elevator thing. I walked into the store and started to shop. 

~~Hour Later~~

Ugh. I hate food shopping, you know me and food. So yah took me a long time and I mean long time to get everything I needed. On the way back to the hotel I decided to take a cab. I didn't feel like walking 15 mins. with all these bags full of food. I mean what if I got jumped? Ehh I would use my awesome ninja skills on the person. Yeah buddy! Nialler the ninja...I like it. Gotta ring to it don't yah think. I jumped into a cab and headed back to the hotel and went straight to my room to put away groceries. 

~~15 minutes later~~

I hate putting away food. I'm just so lazy and plus I like eat half of it before it even gets put away. To Zayn: Hey I'm running a tad late. I'll be there in like 45. That ok? From Zayn: That's alright lad. We'll be here. To Zayn: Alright. See yah in a bit. All the food was put away but I just wanted to change real quick and it will take a tad bit to get there. Anyways, I changed and headed back outside to go to where the lads were staying. 


--Ashly's P.O.V.--

I was missing Paige hard. She is my bestest friend in the entire world. Paige is my sister, wifey, best friend, shoulder to cry on, etc. I could go on forever and ever. I was truly missing her though. My life has been pretty boring since she left. It's been only a few weeks but there hasn't been much to around here. Just sitting around watching tv, stalking one direction, and shopping that's just about it. I've talked to my old pal Leslie lately but it's just not the same with me and Paige. Leslie's cool and all but she ain't no Paige at all. She doesn't have that funny side like Paige does. Paige could make anybody laugh by just staring at them like a complete creep. I've tried to text her but she hasn't called or answered my texts in a few days. I think she's still probably getting things unpacked and with school starting soon I understand but I just wish she would call.

That lucky biotch gets to see Niall Horan everyday to. Gosh not fair at all. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my jar full of change and random dollars sitting on my dresser in my room. LIGHTBULB!! I went online and looked to see how much a round trip ticket to Ireland would cost. My heart was racing because I was finally gonna be able to see Paige again. YES!! I had enough. I booked my ticket for the flight that left in 2 hours and I immediately started to pack my things. I don't think I have ever been this happy in my entire life. Running to my room I grabbed my suitcases and threw basically my whole closet in the suitcases and put whatever else I needed into the bags.  

It took about a full hour for me to finish packing my things and walk out the door. Ooh my heart was racing I was so excited. It took about about 45 minutes to get to the airport and get onto the plane. So when I got onto the plane I still had about another 15 minutes before takeoff. Next thing you know I was zoning out and slowly sleep took over. 

The flight was only 2 and half hours but it sure did feel a lot shorter. It must have been because I was in a deep sleep and I was having the weirdest yet funny dream. It was about these two penguins Marvin and Jake who were on a top secret mission to find the golden fish and yah. It was just weird. We finally landed in Ireland at about 3 p.m. and I grabbed my carry ons and walked off the plane and grabbed the rest of my suitcases. I knew that Paige was in classes now and it was perfect to surprise her. Quickly I jumped into a cab and told him where to go and he seemed very kind. He was an old man and he looked very welcoming. 

"Excuse me mrs. What room is Paige Williams staying in?" 

"Room 26B. Second floor."

"Thank you." I walked away and head up to the second floor where she instructed. Rude. That's all I have to say. Something must be up that girl's booty today. Anyways I like basically ran up to her room I was just so excited to see her. I finally found her room and set the bags down. I tried the doorknob and of course locked. Hmm...I had a bobby pin in my hair. Slowly I stuck the bobby pin inside the lock and I jiggled it around a little before *click* the door unlocked and I walked right inside. Yup I just picked a lock with a bobby pin. That's one more thing to cross off my bucket list. Anyways she had this room pretty clean and organized. Which is completly surprising knowing her. 

I didn't know when she would be back so I went to the couch and slowly let sleep take over me. 


--Niall's P.O.V.--

"Nialler!! Did you eat the rest of the pizza!!" Lou was yelling across the hotel room. 

"Yeah I did!! Got a problem with that?"

"Yea I do.! And don't try to out sass the sass master!."

"Well maybe I am"

"Ooh it's on!" 

"Come at me bruh!"

"hahahaha." we both started to laugh. We all know that nobody could out sass the sass master. All day I just couldn't get her out of my head. I want to know why whenever she sees me she panics and runs away. Most girls would love to meet me. I walked into the room and Liam came up and asked what's wrong. "Hey what's wrong mate."

"Mystery girl. Well her names Paige. Just every time she sees me around the apartment complex she panics and runs away. It's confusing me."

"I don't know what to do about that lad. But hey come on let's go play some games."

"Ok. Let's go. I need to get this off my head."


--Paige P.O.V.--

*Riiinnngg* The school bell rang at the end of the day signaling that classes were over for the day. First day of university went really well. I met a couple friends there named Kyla and Taylor. They were some sweet girls and they were kind enough to show me around campus. Actually they ended up being in all of my classes so it worked out really well. They weren't Ashly though. I missed her really bad. I think when I get back to my apartment I'm going to ring her up. Anyways I got into a cab and headed back to my apartment. Man I need to get a license here so much driving around. 

~~10 minutes later~~

Ugh. It was a really long day and I was tired and hungry. Mostly hungry though. I was wondering if I should give Niall a call. I don't know. Like he seems like an extremely nice guy and he's extremely cute that's for sure. But I just don't want to get involved because everything that comes with being the girlfriend of a major popstar like I said before. He's gonna be gone most of the time, the hate everywhere not like that bothers me, paparazzi. Just yah. So I opened the door and it wasn't locked. Oh no! I hope nobody tried to break in. 

Slowly I set down my bag. "Hello...? Is anyone in hear?" I didn't hear anything so I picked up a vase that was sitting on the table and looked around the room. I heard shuffling in my bedroom and I slowly opened the door. 


"GAHH!!!" *Whack!!* 

~~Few moments later~~

Ashly started to wake up. I can't believe that little troll biotch broke into my apartment and scared the hell out of me. I feel really bad for hitting her though. I thought she was some rapist coming to rape me!. It's not my fault she broke in and didn't say anything. 


"Ash. It's Paige. Can you hear me.? Are you ok? Do I need to call the ambulance?"

"PAIGE!!!" She shot straight and gave me a huge bear hug. "Yea i'm fine. Why the fudge did you hit me with a vase!!"

"Uhh... Maybe because you broke into my house. Then freaking scared the hell out of me!! I thought you were some freaking rapist coming to rape me!"

"Oh sorry."

"Anyways long as your ok. What are you doing here anyways!"

"I missed you so much so I decided to go and come here."

"You didn't have to. I was actually planning on calling you right now. But since your here I don't have to. Anyways, i'll make us some dinner."

"Umm about that...I kinda ate the rest of your food."

"WHAT?!?!?! ASHLY YOU BETTER RUN!! YOUR A DEAD MAN!!" I started to chase Ashly and she ran outside the room and down into the lobby. Running at top speed down the hall I saw Niall walking out of his room. Going to fast I couldn't stop so I ran straight into him and we both collapsed and he eneded up on top of me. It was kinda weird but I looked straight into your eyes and something weird happened inside of me. I don't know but I couldn't stop smiling.

"Here let me help you up."

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. I was running after my friend Ashly because she ate all my food and yah. Me without better run cuz your a dead man."

"NO! She ate your food. Come on I'll help you find her." 

~~5 minutes later~~

About five minutes later me and Niall finally found her and I snuck up behind her and tackled her to the ground. We both got up and her jaw dropped. "You you your Ni-Niall Ho-Horan."

"Yes I am."

"Ohmigosh. I love you guys."

"Yup she's a major directioner." I said. 

"Hey so anyways how about I take you lovely ladies out to eat." 


Hey little birdies.! How did you guys like the chapter.? What was your favorite part. I personally loved the Niall Paige moment in the hallway. Do you think Paige will fall for Niall or not.? Anyways sorry for the suckiness of this chapter. I was writing this all week and I was kinda blocked on what to write. If you guys have any ideas for the next chapter please comment below or private message me. fan/comment/vote xoxo

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