For Better or For Worse

Paige Williams always wanted to have that perfect romance. To have someone always by there side. When she meets Niall Horan her whole world turns upside down. As there romance started to bloom secrets come up from the surface and memories from previous events come to haunt them. Will there love last or turn for the worse?


5. Unexpected Surprise


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Niall's P.O.V.

"How come you won't let me order room service anymore?!?!" "I'm sorry sir but we have other guests that need to eat to as well." "Well that's bullshit! You people here are mean." I was angry. No I was pissed. Me not having food, that's the funniest thing ever. She must not know who I am. As I was storming out of the hotel I ran into this gorgeous girl. She looked really familiar, she was the one from the airport. "Ouch! Watch where your going next time." I couldn't take her seriously. She was just so...beautiful. 

She had blonde hair that flowed down her back so gracefully and those eyes. Damn those eyes. I could just stare into them forever. They were blue like mine but they had this really dark blue ring around them. It was one of the prettiest things I've seen in a while. I just knew that she was the one, I don't know how but she is. Now that i know she's staying here as well I will talk to her. Not now but later. 

*2 hours later*


"Hey mate's! Haven't seen you in forever." They all came in for a hug.It's been about a few months since I've seen the boys. We spent a lot of time texting each other and just wanted to catch up so we met up here in Mullingar. 

"So how's little Nialler?" said Zayn 

"Pretty good. At the hotel I'm staying at the front desk lady won't let me order any more food. How stupid is that?!"

"Poor Niall. You won't be able to have any food. Looks like the world's ending." Lou said. 

"Shut up."

After some chit chat we we went out and got some lunch and talked some more. 

"Hey Niall you ok? You seemed pretty zoned out today. What's on your mind?" said Liam while throwing fries and anything else he coudl at me. I was wondering if I should tell him or not. 

"Would you stop throwing food at me?!?!"

"Well what up lad!"'s a girl."

"Woot woot Nialler like's a girl." I could feel my cheeks getting really red and big smile stretched across my face when Harry said that. 

"So who is it?!?!" They all yelled at once. 

"Well that's the thing. I don't know her name. She is staying in the same hotel though as me, so I plan on figuring that out sometime soon. I only took one look in her eyes and i new she was gonna be my princess." I was now thinking about her now and Zayn broke the scilence by asking, "What does this mystery girl look like?"

"Well she has gorgeous blonde hair just past her shoulder. Her eyes...those eyes. The prettiest thing on the world. There this perfect shade of blue like the sky, a dark dark intense blue ring around the eye, and they just...idk you could stare into them forever. Her smile was just so welcoming. I can't describe it man. She's the one. I know it."

"Aww little Nialler's in love." They all said. 

"Hey you guys up for the club tonight?" everyone agreed and we all went back to my place to catch up some more and then get ready for tonight. 


Paige P.O.V

 Well I had nothing better to do as of right now so I turned on the telly. Flipping through channels nothing was on, so I decided to text Bubbles. To: Bubbles:P (I changed the name from powerpuff to bubbles) I MISS YOU!! MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT MY SOULMATE!! From: Bubbles:P Are you proposing!!! YES YES YES!!! To: Bubbles:P Yes I am! jk jk. Or am I? hmm we'll never know. From:Bubbles:P Aww your mean you jerkface To:Bubbles:P I'm sowwy From: Bubbles:P Naw don't talk to me anymore To:Bubbles:P Wha!!! From:Bubbles:P Ok i'm calling you. 

-Call from Ashly-

"Ello love." Ashly said 

"Ello. I am so bored. I have no clue what to do here. I don't know anybody here. Ugh i'm such a loner"

"Hmm...You like dancing right?"

"Yah girl!"

"Go find a club or something. Get yo dance on girl. Go grind some sexy irish men."

"Ooh girl! Sounds like a plan. I'm fixing to shake my shake this big booty tonight."

"HA!! That just made me joke on my cookie. I'm serious"

"Oh wow. I'm ready to get my groove on tonight. Well I must go leave for Narnia now. Must get ready for the club tonight. Bye bye girl love you air kiss!"

"Bye love!!" 

--Clall Ended--

Yes. I finally had a chance to get out and do something, and go meet some people that could possibly I could become friends with. I have no friends. UGH!! I'm such a loser. Well I decided to hop in the shower and within 20 minutes I was out. 

--45 minutes later--

After the shower and dryed my hair, I went to go finish getting ready. I plan to be out all night shaking my booty. I had curled my hair, did a smoky eye for my makeup, and put on a blue/black dress. The dress was shorter in the front and longer in the back. After about who knows how long I was getting ready I finally decided to grab my black heels and leaft for the club. Leaving the hotel I hopped in a cab and told him to take me to the nearest club. 

"Where would you like to go lassy?"

"To the nearest club please. Hey...aren't you the cab driver before."

"Oh hello lassy. How are yah?"

"I'm doing fine." Well in a matter of minutes we reached the club and I handed him the money and hopped out of the cab.

"Be careful miss. Have fun!" The cab driver seemed extremely nice. To:Bubbles:P I'm at the club. I'll call you when I get home...well if i'm not drunk beyond my mind. I'll let ya know how it goes. From:Bubbles:P Go get you groove on girl ttyl xoxo  I walked into the club hoping, just hoping to make a friend or two here. 


--Niall's P.O.V.--

I was ready to go to the club with the boy's tonight. It gave me a chance to stop thinking about mystery girl and catch up with the guys. It was so hard not to think about her though. Well it was about 4 when all the lads got to my house. "Ready to go crazy tonight?" Haz said. 

 "You know it!!!" 

--Few hours later-- 

It was now going on 7 and me and the boys walked out of the hotel, hopped in Harry's car, and headed to the club.

"HIT THE PEDAL CUZ HERE I COME TO SHAKE THIS ASS!!!!" Louis suddenly screamed out to everyone. Everyone started laughing at what Lou had said. "So is Niall gonna dance with a pretty girl or is he gonna sit and day-dream about mystery girl." I was about to slap Zayn for saying that.

"I'm going to be dancing with some hot girls thank you very much."

"Ooh someone's getting feisty."

Finally we got to the club and I walked in and then we all went our own little seperate ways. Zayn and Harry went to the bar, Louis went to dance...and me well I was just standing there. I decided I would go by Zayn and Harry to get something to drink. "Hey I'm gonna go dance." I said to Zayn and Harry as I walked away. 

I walked over to the dance floor and found a girl to dance with. 


--Paige P.O.V.--

I walked into the club and headed straight to the bar. "I'll have one of whatever please." The women handed me a drink and I quickly swallowed whatever she gave me. Right after a few drinks I could already tell I was getting drunk and I headed straight for the dance floor. I jumped a little when a pair of hands grabbed my waist "wanna dance?" the mysterious man said with a to die for irish accent. 

"sure." I didn't even bother to see who asked me to dance I just wanted to dance. After a few minutes he pulled me closer to his body and I started to grind him a little (btw when i'm really into a song I dance like this. DON'T JUDGE!!!) "so what's your name?" he yelled so that way he could hear me. "Paige." "Niall." Soon as I heard Niall I knew I heard that name from somewhere. I was so curious I turned and I was shocked it was him from the airport, the hotel, and now here. 

"Ohmygosh." I was so shocked and irritated a little at this guy, always showing up some how. I didn't know what to do, so I ran out of the club and wiped away a couple of hot tears. I heard my name being yelled and it was that Niall freak. "Paige! PAIGE!"


--NIall's P.O.V.--

"Paige! PAIGE!! Wait up!!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs. It was mystery girl...I mean Paige. I desperately wanted to talk to her, as I was running I quickly caught up with her and stopped her. In the spur of the moment I started to sing Call Me Maybe

'Hey I just met you...                                                                                                                  

And this is crazy but here's my number

so call me maybe' I handed her my number and started to blush. She started to laugh which I think is a good sign. Right? 

"Umm that was an unexpected surprise. Thank you for the song...and your number. But I have to go now." I was just so glad I got that off my shouler. 

--Paige P.O.V.--

--Call to Ashly--

"OMG!! So I was at the club and I started to dance and I didn't know who I was dancing with and I turned around and it was Niall. The one from the band you like and he started to sing call me maybe to him and then he handed me his number."


"Well I am really tired so I will call you in the morning xoxo 

---Call Ended.-----


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