For Better or For Worse

Paige Williams always wanted to have that perfect romance. To have someone always by there side. When she meets Niall Horan her whole world turns upside down. As there romance started to bloom secrets come up from the surface and memories from previous events come to haunt them. Will there love last or turn for the worse?


2. Goodbye London Hello Mullingar

Paige P.O.V.

*Beep Beep Beep* "Ugghhh. Here comes a new day a new life." Getting up at 4 in the morning was not the easiest thing to do, definitely not a morning person at all. As I rolled out of bed I landed on the floor and landed straight onto my face. Can you tell how tired I was? I walked over to my kitchen and grabbed a granola bar and started to get my things together. To: Powerpuff:P Sorry so early but come over one last time?? From: Powerpuff:P Gosh you girl. Yah no problem. me gonna miss you *tear tear* To: Powerpuff:P Alright see yah soon girl xoxo

After I finished eating my granola I pulled out my toothbrush after looking through various boxes and brushed my teeth. There was a knock at the door and I figured it was Ashly at the door. Slowly I opened the door just in case 'cause I was only in my underwear and a tank-top. Don't want any creeps seeing my like that now do we. When I looked outside to the busy streets I didn't see anybody at my door so I looked once more and "BOO!!" 

I let Ashly in but I swear I was about to go all ninja on this girl. "Why Ashly? Why must you scare me every chance you get?" 

"Because you are just scare so...easily. It's a joy to scare you."

"You know I'm about to go all ninja on you. HEEYAH!!! I fixing to drop kick you faster then you can say water-mellon."

"Water- AAHHH!!!"

Ashly P.O.V.

"Told you I would." Man, no doubt I will miss this chick right here. Even though she just drop kicked me across the whole living room."So how bout I go and put away the final things while you go PUT SOME PANTS ON!!!!"

"SHUT UP!! You know you like it...HAHA!! Just kidding!" Paige walked into her room and I just continued to put the final things away.

Paige P.O.V.

I walked into my room and hopped into the shower. After about 15 minutes I finally finished my shower. Since I was just going to flying to Mullingar I pulled my blonde hair into a messy bun. I put on a grey t-shirt with some skinny jeans and my favorite pair of converse. It was about 6 a.m. when I finished completely getting ready. Ashly was still at my house and she was going to drive me to the airport. "Did you have breakfast Ashly??" 


"Well too bad I don't have any food here. Seems like a personal problem."

"Your such a lovely friend."

"Why thank you very much. The plane leave in two hours. You wanna leave now or wait another hour?"

"I think we should leave now just in case traffic you know."Ashly and I grabbed my bags and a few boxes and headed towards the airport. We hopped in her porsche (don't ask me why she has such a nice car.) pulling out of my drive way. "Bye housey. I'm gonna miss you." tears started to trickle down my face but I quickly wiped them away before Ashly saw. 

25 minutes later

After a very silent drive we finally reached the airport. I started to cry my eye's out. "Ashly I don't want to go!" I said crying. We both started to cry waterfalls and everyone stood and stared. 

"I don't want you to go either!!"the plane leaves in about 45 minutes. "Well I guess I should board the plane now."

"Call me on the other side." As Ashly walked away I looked around, "Goodbye London hello Mullingar."


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