For Better or For Worse

Paige Williams always wanted to have that perfect romance. To have someone always by there side. When she meets Niall Horan her whole world turns upside down. As there romance started to bloom secrets come up from the surface and memories from previous events come to haunt them. Will there love last or turn for the worse?


3. Finally Here Now What


Paige P.O.V.


I was dozed off in my sleep while on the plane and I was having the weardest dream; I was going into a local starbucks and all of a sudden the coffee cups started dancing and singing. I must have had to much coffee. Why must I always have the weirdest dreams. I woke up a little later and I was STILL on the plane. Probably been about 2 hours, not much longer I should be there in about another half hour. Then I heard the announcer say "Next stop Mullingar. Hope you enjoyed your flight everyone. Have a good day." "Good day my butt, I don't even have a home yet."

30 minutes later


"We are now landing in Mullingar everyone have a wonderful day." said the announcer. I could just tell that she hated this job. Finally the plane landed I was able to get up and strecth. THANK THE LORD! I grabbed my bags and walked into the lobby of the airport, I didn't have anybody to pick me up so I grabbed the rest of my luggage and went to find a cab. All of a sudden I saw a bunch of teenage girls running and screaming then forming a circle around somebody. "Girls are crazy weird. Must be some famous dude." and to my surprise it was. I saw him and the bodyguard pushing out of the group of crazy fans and then walked right past me. OMG IT WAS NIALL HORAN!!! I knew who he was but I could care less. Niall Horan of one direction, he was fancy looking lad but I didn't really care. When he walked by me though he kinda stopped for a second and looked at me and smiled. 

Call to: Ash

"Well i've landed and guess who I saw at the airport?"

"Who?! Tell me who?!"

" I saw...Niall Horan of One Direction." all of a sudden I heard screaming from the other line. Yup Ash was probably the biggest "directioner" as she calls it. 

"No you didn't shut up!!! Your kidding me.!"

"Nope and he...checked me out. Kinda creepy."

"NO!! Your probably the luckiest girls right now!"

"Maybe but hey gotta go. bye love you. mwah!

I knew she probably would freak out but hey I can say I've seen a member of One Direction. Anyways I have to go find a cab and then book into a hotel. 

Ashly's P.O.V.

Paige was so lucky! That little mother trucker got to see one of my five favorite guys in the world. Curse her. It's only been a few hours but I already miss her so so so much. "What should I do. Paige is gone and I don't really have any other friends I could talk to." I remembered that I saw Dina yesterday and we exchanged numbers. To:Dina hey it's ashly from panda yesterday. I was wondereing if you would want to go out for some coffee and catch up on some things. From:Dina yah sure i'll be there in like 5.To:Dina. Sounds good see you soon. After that I freshened up and left the house. 

Paige P.O.V.


I wonder what Ashly's doing right now? Anyways I finally hailed a cab and hopped in. "Where to young lady." the cab driver had a really lovely irish accent I could die for. "Umm...could you take me to the nearest hotel please?" "No problem you seem like a real nice girl. Where yah from lassy?" "I'm from London actually. I just got off the plane and so far it seems really nice here." "Ah I see. Yes it is a really lovely place here. Good for families safe neighborhoods. Well here yah are lassy." "Thank you!" 

That cab driver seemed really nice. I wonder if everybody else here is nice as that. The hotel I was dropped off at was huge. Must have lot's of visitiors I'm guessing. As I walked in I walked straight to the front desk and I was standing behind someone talking and yelling at the lady for more food. Then he turned around and to my surprise it was the one and only NIall Horan. YIPEE! He bumped straight into me as he turned it was so embarrassing but anyways I just wanted a room until I could find a house. "Ello, My name is Paige Williams and I was wondering if you had any rooms left." "Why yes we do. Room 26B on the second floor. Have a good stay." With that I walked up the stairs and sure enough I found my room. 

The room was really small but I'm used to it. I only have to deal with this until I can find a house of my home. After about a couple hours I started to pack my things. Within 45 minutes everything was put away. Yes I know that really fast. Well I can't stand boxes sitting in my house. Everything done. "Well I'm finally here. Now what to do."


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