For Better or For Worse

Paige Williams always wanted to have that perfect romance. To have someone always by there side. When she meets Niall Horan her whole world turns upside down. As there romance started to bloom secrets come up from the surface and memories from previous events come to haunt them. Will there love last or turn for the worse?


7. Don't Know What To Feel


~~Ashly's P.O.V.~~

I can't believe I am having dinner with the one and only Niall Horan, oh and Paige to. But NIALLHORAN!! This was my dream, except I wish I was having dinner with Louis of One Direction. Wait, Niall is best friends with Louis. So I can use Niall to get to Louis. Ooh master plan forming! Muwahahah!!!!! I was trying so hard to keep myself from screaming and shouting right now. This was like seriously my dream, wait I already said that oh well. GAHH!!! This is actually happening!! 

"So what are you girls planning to do in the future?" 

"Well, I would love to become a singer/songwriter but that probably won't happen. But you never know. Right now though I am studying art which I love to do as well. So an artist, or singer/songwriter." said Paige. 

"Wow Paige. That's actually pretty impressive for a girl like you. Your gonna have to let me listen to your voice one day. How about you Ashly."

"To work in the medical field as a doctor."

"That's amazing. There always needing more and more doctors. That's a good career path." 

"So Niall what's it like being the biggest boy band in the world?" I said. 

"Well it's really hard sometimes but I enjoy it. I love all the fans and the support and I coudn't ask for better bandmates. It's really hard though being away from my family all the time though. I get through it though. But it's my dream and passion to be doing this and I love it."  The rest of the night we talked and I asked questions, a lot of them, but he was staring at Paige the whole time. I think he likes her...hmm detective mode!!! Just my luck...

"I'm gonna be right back. Gotta use the restroom." With that Paige walked off and it was just me and Niall. Yes detective time. 

"So...Niall. Do you like Paige? I promise I won't tell her."


"LIAR!! YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES!!! I can see it in your eyes. I also can see that you have been staring at her this whole night."

"Fine! Yes. I like her. I like her A LOT!! I've been going crazy ever since I saw her in the airport. I wanna talk to her but she freaks out every time she sees me. Please don't tell her but I think she might be the one. I never felt this way about anybody."

"AWW!!! That's so cute!! Ok Ok I won't tell her I promise. And I'll ask her why she freaks, you'll be the first one to know. Ohmygosh!! You guys are gonna be cute and get married and have tons of kids and name them after me."

"Uhh I'll think about that. And thanks a lot." Paige walked back in which seemed like a lifetime. Man that girl must have a small bladder. 

"So what have I missed. You guys seemed to be in a deep conversation while I was gone."

"Oh nothing just talking about food."

"Oh my gosh. I love food!! I could eat all day everyday. Food is my kryptonite."

"Same here!"

"Wow that's just weird. I thought nobody ate as much as me! Well except for my cousin. That girl can eat." I just sat there the rest of the night talk and talk. Snooping mode: on. 

~~Niall's P.O.V.~~

I was so nervous tonight. I have never been this nervous in my life. My hands and my whole body were just shaking. I put my hands under the table so they couldn't see how jittery I was. We all sat there just picking at there food. So I asked them what they dreamed of doing when they were older. Paige said singer/songwriter which made me fall even more in love with her then I already was. I'm gonna have to get her to sing for me. I will make that happen. Ashly said she wanted to be a doctor. Interesting. I haven't met a whole lot a people who are interested in the medical field. 

Man was I falling hard for Paige. She just looked so beautiful tonight. I was really hoping I could get her to like me tonight. At least that was the plan. Gosh why was getting her to like me so hard. It's been going through my mind everyday all day and I wanted to know why she freaked every time we see each other but she seems fine tonight. 

"I'm gonna be right back. Gotta use the restroom." She walked off and I was hoping she wouldn't be long. I sound so stupid now don't I. 

Ashly out of no where started asking me about Paige. I got nervous that she wouldn't ask me if I liked her because I was afraid she would tell Paige. I mean there best friends and don't they tell each other everything. I think yes. With my bad luck she did.

"So...Niall. Do you like Paige? I promise I won't tell her."

"No..." I was such a horrible liar. 

"LIAR!! YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES!!! I can see it in your eyes. I also can see that you have been staring at her this whole night." Damn. Why am I so easy to read. 

"Fine! Yes I do like her a lot. More then a lot. I think she might be the one. Promise you won't tell her. But I don't think she likes me anyways."

"Aww you guys will be so cute. I'm gonna find out if she does and you'll be the first to know any new info. 

"Thanks a lot and please again don't tell her what I just told you." The next thing you know Paige walks in and asks what we were talking about. Both me and Ashly both exchanged glances and quicly said food. 

"Ohmygosh I love food! Food is my kryptonite." Yup that was when I knew she was the one. The rest of the night me and Paige had a long conversation about our hobbies and interests and I swear she could be my long lost sister. 

~~Paige P.O.V.~~

I was super nervous about tonight. After I bumped into him in the hallway earlier I haven't been able to stop smiling and stop thinking about him. I have this weird feeling to. Ugh I hope I'm not falling for him. I don't want to fall for him. Me and Ashly were still in my apartment room getting ready. I didn't know where we were going so I dressed in something I would wear everyday but still looks really nice. My hair was in curls and I put on light make-up. For my outfit I put on a cream colored lace sweater, peach colored skinny jeans, peach colored heels, and pearl earring and pear necklace. I stared in the mirror and was debating if I should wear my glasses or not. Ehh I'm wearing contacts. Didn't know I wore glasses now did you? 

"You almost ready Paige?!?!"

"Yea. I'm ready Let's go." Niall was driving us to the resturaunt tonight which was going to be kind of weird. Well at least I think so. Anyways Ashly and walked out of my room just as Niall walked out of his so we followed him to his car and he took us to a fancy resturaunt. I didn't know what it was called but it sure did look fancy. All three of us walked into the building and we were seated immediately. We got our menus and ordered our food. 

"I'll have a salad."

"Same here." Ashly said. 

"Umm..let's see. I'll have sphaghetti."

"A little messy for a first date don't yah think.?" Aw crap. I shouldn't have said date. Now what is he going to think.

"So this is a date?"

"Maybe, Maybe not."

"Well I hope it is."

"Me to.!" ashly added in. 

After about 10 minutes we got our food and we all began to eat with just small talk in between bites. Niall asked us what we planned about doing in the future. I drank a lot of water and now I had to use the ladies room. So I got up out of my seat and told everyone that i was going to use the restroom. Ashly had this look on her face when I said that I knew she was up to something. I decided to let this one slide cuz i HAVE TO FREAKIN PEE!! I left and headed to the bathroom. 

~~5 minutes later~~

Finally I was done and I walked out and headed back to the table. I saw Niall and Ashly talking and I was wondering what they were talking about. They were deep in conversation so I thought I could hide real quick and see what they were talking about. I went about 4 tables away, close enough to hear, far enough away so they don't see me. I quickly ducked under the table that this lovely ederly family were sitting at. I'm sure like what the flack is she doing but oh well. All I heard from Ashly and Niall was:"Thanks a lot and please again don't tell her what I just told you." 

"I won't. Take it to the grave." Crap what were they talking about. Momma would like to know these things. Poo now momma is gonna have to investigate this crime scene. Imagine it...detective Paige solves the mystery. Ahh I wish that would happen. I got out from under the table, dusted myself off, and headed to the table. 

"So...what did I miss. Momma wants to know."

"Oh. We were talking food."

"Ohmygosh I love food!! Food is like my kryptonite. Eat all day everyday. That's meh motto."

"Same Here!" Wow Niall was growing on me more and more. But I still don't want to fall in love with him. The rest of the night me and Niall couldn't stop talking and the more I found out about him and how he became famous was just...attractive. Man how I wanted to call him mine. But no. I can not do this. I don't even know my own feelings anymore. What am I going to do.? At the end of the night Niall walked me to my room. Ashly had got her own apartment right next to me cuz we both figured she was going to be here for a while. Anyways, Niall walked me to my room.

"Thanks. For everything. I mean tonight, and dinner. Thank you.

"Oh it was no problem. If you need anything. I'm right next door. And you have my number so call me maybe?" Out of no where he gave me a kiss on the cheek and I felt sparks. NO!! I can not do this!!. I walked into my room, jumped on my bed, and let darkness take over. 


So what did you guys think of this chapter. I kinda liked this chapter idk. I like last's chapter better. But comment ideas or private message me with ideas or whatever. I love all my fans. Vote/comment/Fan xoxo. 



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