For Better or For Worse

Paige Williams always wanted to have that perfect romance. To have someone always by there side. When she meets Niall Horan her whole world turns upside down. As there romance started to bloom secrets come up from the surface and memories from previous events come to haunt them. Will there love last or turn for the worse?


1. Small Talk and Packing.

Paige P.O.V.

     "I'm really gonna miss you. Why do you have to leave? Why so sudden?" said my best friend from birth Ashly. 

"I'm gonna miss you to. I don't want to leave but the arts college in Mullingar is just right for me. Classes start within the next week so, that's why I have to leave so early." I just wanted to start crying a river when I saw those sad, brown, puppy dog looking eyes. I didn't want to leave my best and only friend. In high school I wasn't much of a talker. Usually I just sat around in the back of the class minding my own business and doodled all day long. Such a loner right. 

"Well I just want you to know that I love you so, so, so, so much so I got you a little going away gift."

"You didn't have to!! Your the greatest friend in the entire world! Well I have to go pack so I can get up early in the morning." We gave each other little goodbye air kisses and we both left the coffee shop in my hometown of London. I'm gonna miss this place that's for sure. As I hopped in my car and looked at my gift. It was the first picture we ever took together as friends. It was when we were both in kindergarten and we were both having our first sleep over ever. Ashly and I with tiaras and ginormous boas around our necks. The huge smiles on our face, posing for the camera. I could feel tears fall down my face.

Sitting in my car just remembering all the good times we had together. Tears now falling out my eyes like waterfalls. I really didn't want to leave now. Time to move on I told my self. Forcing my self to pull it all together. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I got a text. From: Powerpuff:P don't forget to call me when you land in Ireland. ~Tara. :) To: Powerpuff:P I won't forget trust me. I'm gonna call you everyday I can. ttyl xoxo From:Powerpuff:P BYE SUGARPUFF!!!! xoxo 

I finally reached my house and walked up to the door. This is probably going to be the last time I walk in this door. "Where are those dang keys.?!?! Why can't I ever find them in this bag?" After a good five minutes of digging through the bag I finally found them and unlocked the door. I just looked at my small little house on the corner of the street. Bags still needing to be packed, boxes to be packed up, so much to do. 

Phone call with Ashly

"Hola my seniorita"

"Stop saying that Dora didnt teach me that yet..!"

"BAHAHA!!! well how do you know i'm not Dora. hmmm"

"Oh snazap.. im talking to a famous person.. Dora please i want ur autograph.. PLEASE im such a big fan.. DO IT FOR ONE DIRECTION.."

"Alright i'll give you an autograph tonight my dear friend. just for you. would you like to go on an adventure with me. That's not why I called you though. I kinda need help packing the rest of the boxes...and  I MISS YOU!! I have to see you one last time before I go"

"Yeah. I'll be over there in about an hour. I'll go pick us up some chinese on the way to."

"Thank you!! I love you!! Well see yah soon powerpuff"

"Bye sugarpuff"

Ashly P.O.V.

I quickly used the bathroom, grabbed my keys and walked out the door. Man I'm gonna miss this chick while she's gone. Walking into Panda Express I ran into an old friend. "Hey Dina.! How long has it been?"

"It's been about a few years now. How are you?"

"Good. You?"

"Could be better."

"Aww. Well I have to run. Call me soon." It sure was nice seeing my old high school friend again. As I grabbed the pickup I got a text from Paige. From: My Paige Girl<3 Hurry up.!! Me hungry. To: My Paige Girl<3 calm down cave woman I'm leaving Panda right now. I'll be there in 5 From: My Paige Girl<3 YAY!!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! see yah soon

Finally I got to her house and walked up to the door. I just barged into her house no need to knock. "I'M HOOOMMMEEE!!!!"


"Calm down. Your usual my darling. Let's eat. 

15 minutes later

"Where shall we start.?" sighed Paige. "Let's start over here." We both started putting her silverware in boxes and then worked our way to the family room, bathroom, and finally her room. When all of a sudden I look over to see Paige with a box on her head. 

"Look at me. I'm Mr. Boxman.! I fight foam peanuts that fall over the people of this universe. Mr. Boxman to the rescue!!!"

"I swear I'm gonna miss you." Tears started forming in my eyes now falling down my face.

"Don't cry my baby boo. I'm gonna miss you to. Well looks like everything's packed up."

"Guess it's time for me to leave."

Paige P.O.V

Well Ashly left and now it's time to get my sleep. 

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