The Emo In The Corner

After moving to New York City to Colorado Springs, football player and popular boy 11th grader Chad Harrison tries to live his life in his new town. At his new school, he made new friends and becomes part of their group called "The Fantastic". He later meets a emo girl named Violet Norway. Chad thinks Violet is a regular emo girl that listens to emo music and hangs with emo friends, but after hearing a something horror about Violet. The two develop a budding friendship to a romantic.


2. Nightmare

A image swirled in my head and the only thing I can see is darkness. Then I realized I was in a dark room with nothing but me and the darkness surround. I search the room to find a light switch but I couldn't see anything. I search with my hands and touch the wall until I found a light switch. I turn it on and look around the room. It was empty and there was nothing. No furniture or things. Just a light switch on the wall. I started the walk out the room but then I notice that there was no door.  Then, I heard a strange voice. 

"Chad...." called the voice. It sounded so dark and fighting that I didn't know it was a male or female. But how did they know my name?

"Chad...." called the vooce again, but this time with a angry tone. I looked around the empty room so see where the voice was coming from, but I couldn't find a answer. 

"Chad, come back to New York City." How did they know where I was form?

"Who are you? How come you know my name and where I form?" I shouted to the voice.

But the strange voice seem to ignore my questions. Before you know it, I saw a black swirl of darkness forming against the wall. Just then, the darkness begin coming through me. I step back quickly and put my back against the other side of the wall. I was scared for life and begin breathing harder than usually.

"Get away from me!" I shouted to the darkness coming closer to me. "Stay back!"

"Get out of this town and come back to New York." said the darkness. Now I knew where the voice was coming from. The darkness came to me and started sucking up my legs.

"NOOOOOOO!" I shouted loudly.

I woke up, stood up in my bed and started breathing. I realized I had a fighting nightmare. I was still in my everyday clothing I worn today. I took a glare at the window and notice it was dark. I look my digital wrist watch and was stock. It was 9:00 at night. How long has I been sleeping? I sit on the side on the bed and rub my head. It was great pain that was inside my head. Did this headache came from the nightmare I just had? I stood up from the bed and walk out the room.

I notice that the house was silent and every room was dark. My parents and Natalie must had been finish unpacking and went to bed early because I see empty boxes scattered everywhere in the hallways and the living room. I walk back into my room and open my travel bag.

It was too late for me to take a shower, so I took off my clothes and decide to sleep in my red pajamas. There were comfy enough for me to sleep in and stay warm though out the night.

I flopped back into the bed and pulled the sheets and covers over me. I still think about that crazy nightmare I just have and still scared that the nightmare may continued when I start to close my eyes again.

Still not thinking about the nightmare, I close my eyes and started to sleep.




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