The Emo In The Corner

After moving to New York City to Colorado Springs, football player and popular boy 11th grader Chad Harrison tries to live his life in his new town. At his new school, he made new friends and becomes part of their group called "The Fantastic". He later meets a emo girl named Violet Norway. Chad thinks Violet is a regular emo girl that listens to emo music and hangs with emo friends, but after hearing a something horror about Violet. The two develop a budding friendship to a romantic.


3. Morning

"Chad! Wake up! It's time for school!." shouted Natalie. After hearing Natalie's sneaky voice and the sun shining in my face. I already knew it was morning. Good news is that the nightmare didn't resume last night, but maybe bad news is how I'm going to fit in at my new school. Natalie already ran to the living room and I can smell mom's  bacon and french toast.  I quickly change into a my football jersey and blue jeans, I went into the bathroom that was right across from my room and wash my face, brush my teeth and brush my golden blonde hair.

I went down to the kitchen and notice that mom was cooking breakfast. Dad was slumped in the back chair of the dining table. Drinking coffee and reading the Colorado paper. Natalie was eating her breakfast and try to make Princess(her teddy bear) to eat.

"Good morning Chad.Up Early?" asked Mom as she set down a plate for me. Back at home, I usually the one who always sleep late and my mom or dad calling me ten or twenty times to wake up. Although this morning, Natalie managed to wake me up. 

"I wake Chad up!" said Natalie as she still try to get Princess to eat.

"I know you did." I replied to Natalie as I sit down in the chair where my breakfast plate was at.

I pick my fork and knife and was get ready to eat, but somehow I couldn't eat much like I used to. I remember in New York I finish my plate faster than my family and ask for seconds, but here,  I eat a one piece of bacon, four or five bites of egg and one bite of toast. Maybe it was because of the crazy nightmare last night.

My mom had already set herself down to eat and look at my plate unexpected."Chad? Aren't you going to eat? I didn't see that coming from you." 

"Sorry, mom maybe it's because me being in a new house." I lied. I didn't want to tell her about the nightmare because it might upset her and she be talking and talking about it every night.

"You get used to this house someday son" said dad as he sip on his coffee. 

Ok, I admit, I was already used to the house, but that dark nightmare is someday I can't get rid of. It cause to not eat nothing and not ready to tell my family.

Just then, I heard tires pulled up in front of our house and a horn honking.

"It's the bus." said mom as she clean the kitchen table. Natalie was already ready because she got her pink bookbag ready and her princess stuffed into her back pocket of her bag.

"Aren't you going to eat your breakfast Chad?" she asked me as she took my plate.

"No not really." I said as I quickly grab my blue bookbag from my room and headed to the front door where Natalie was at.

"Have a good first at school kids!" shouted dad as me and Natalie headed out the front door to the bus.

After I got on the bus, I think about the nightmare and wonder what my new school life in Colorado Springs was going to be like.



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