The Emo In The Corner

After moving to New York City to Colorado Springs, football player and popular boy 11th grader Chad Harrison tries to live his life in his new town. At his new school, he made new friends and becomes part of their group called "The Fantastic". He later meets a emo girl named Violet Norway. Chad thinks Violet is a regular emo girl that listens to emo music and hangs with emo friends, but after hearing a something horror about Violet. The two develop a budding friendship to a romantic.


1. Moving

I look out the gleaming sun and sigh. It was 7:00 in the morning and it will be a hour until we get to our new house. The house my dad purchase after he got fired from his job, the house me and my family are going to move into and live there after leaving our New York City. Hopefully, I try to settle into the new house and the suburb lifestyle in Colorado Springs.

As I listen to music on my iPod and lay my back against the seat of the car, I remember my life in New York City. Being a all-star football player, winning games, having a hurdle of my football team members giving me back slaps and tough handshakes and the cheerleaders cheering in the background. Technically, being a all-star football player is like being a celebrity. Having girls crowd around you like their asking for autographs, the school newspaper club taking pictures like they were the paparazzi and people cheering at you in the hallways like their were fans. I really enjoy my life in New York City, but all that came to a end after my dad got laid off and decide to move to this suburb town. Leaving all my football team, the girls that adore me and the people that admire me and now entering to a new town, a new house, a new school and new friends I might make.

"We're here!" shouted my dad happily as I heard the car stop. I woke up from my New York dream and stood up from the car seat and took a glare from the car window. It was a house, our new house, it was a suburb-type house, but it was much bigger than our apartment back home. I got out of the car and to see the full house. It had a medium-sized garage, five windows and a porch. The outdoor scenery was elegant with a stone bird bath, flowers blooming on the sides of the pathway to the house and fully growth small trees. 

"It's beautiful." said my mom as she admire the outdoor scenery. I admit, it was beautiful, but I have to used to the indoor living.

After getting the luggage out of the truck, me, my parents and my little sister, Natalie who was holding her pink stuffed teddy bear(who is she called Princess.) were heading up the front steps to the porch and into the house. The house was already furnished with luxury-style furniture that you will find in a mansion. Each room were already had walls and floor that were already cover and a new-house sense.

My room looks like a plaid bedroom. It had a bed with a blue mattress and one white sheet covered over it. There was red plaid wallpaper and a wooden floor. There was also a windows which views the side of the house and the house next door which probably be our neighbor's house.

I put my blue travel bag to the side of the bed and look out the window. The sun shined on the face as I look at the window that belong the house next to us. I looked closer to the window and saw a figure at the window. It look like a person looking down, but I couldn't see the person closely. He/she must has saw me looking at them because the person disappeared from the windows.

I forget about the person and started unpacking my favorite things from New York City. It was the things I cherish from years and couldn't leave them behind:

-My football posters that shows my favorite teams. The Carolina Gamecocks, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. I hang them up beside my bed to remember being the all-star football player.

-My old baseball cards I collected ever since I was ten. These cards were autographed by famous baseball players from the past like Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams. Even though I don't play baseball anymore or don't collect these anymore, I still remember being a baseball player at my Elementary school. I put these in a little wooden box and place them on the desk drawer beside my bed.

-My football high school uniform I wear everything I play in the field back in New York. I remember getting the uniform sweaty from long football games. It still have the sweaty smell, maybe my mom forgot to wash it after the last time I use it. I hang it in the walk-in closet in the corner of the room.

After unpacking my clothing, my toothbrush and toothpaste, shoes and other things I need, I lay down on my bed and look at the red-colored ceiling. The house was nice and the room was nice, but I haven't settle in the town yet. Still, I go to my new school tomorrow and hope that I make new friends. Maybe I like come to like this town or not. Thinking about Colorado Springs, I suddenly close my eyes and drift to sleep.













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