A New Life

(one direction not famous they might be later on but I'm not sure yet) Peyton and Dallas are twin sisters that move to England form tenessee they are in 11th grade new school, new friends, new house and whole new country find out what happens when they find out they live next to 3 of the 5 hottest and most talented guys they could dream of...


5. The Movies

(Peyton's P.O.V)

As we drove to the movies to meet Niall and Harry i couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.

I mean Niall's perfect, and the thought of talking to him made my palms sweat.

Trying to calm down I looked over at Emma she had a cheeky smile on her face, i wondered why she was so dressed up, were her and this boy Harry together and if they weren't did she want to.

'Soo Emma whats going on with you and that Harry guy do you like him " i asked immediately her face turning bright red.

"Hell yes have you seen him he's absolutely perfect, his smile is breath taking, his touch makes you want to melt, i guess I'm falling for him. "she mumbled the last part smiling like an idiot.

I couldn't help but laugh at how caught up she was with this guy.

"Well it really sounds like it, are you to together " i asked as soon as the words left my mouth her smile drooped.

"ummm well not exactly, we kind of have this thing going on" she explained

"What kind of thing" i ask teasing her with playfully wink.

" It's kind of a relationship without the problems basically" she says confusing me a bit.

"What do you mean" i ask confused as to what she means by her comment.

"We do what people do  in relationships but without actually being together , like a friends with benefits type thing" she explained not sounding very happy about it.

"Ohhh okay but he likes you"

"were basically together just not official" she said sounding like she was trying to convince herself more then me.

I just smiled not wanting to drag the subject.

  It was quite for a little while until Emma broke the silence.

"I really like Harry more then i should but i don't think he will ever date me he only see's me as the friend he goes to when he wants some"she said almost in a whisper.

She started to get a little teary eyed and her eyes were already puffy

"Aww don't start crying you will ruin your make-up, I'm sure he likes who wouldn't  your beautiful" I said rubbing her shoulder trying to calm her down, she looked over at me and smiled. 

"That's not the reason I'm upset your the only one I've told and to be completely honest that's the first time I've actually admitted it to my self ." she said whipping her nose.

I didn't know what to say,  I'm usually really good at giving advice but I've never been in that kind of situation so i just stayed silent felling bad i couldn't do anything to help.

"We're here" she said as we pulled in the parking lot of the movies.

Right when i was about to open my door Emma grabbed my hand stopping me.

"I know you didn't have anything to say after i told you everything and i didn't expect you to I'm glad you didn't. I guess i just need someone to listen for once thanks. So lets just go in there and be the hottest chicks that we are and just keep what i said between us okay" she said smiling.

Even though we just meet i felt like we could become really good friends "of course" i said smiling back at her.

"Thanks Pay" she said with a sigh of relief.

"That's what friends are for" i replied squeezing her hand as we both got out of the car.

As we walked closer to the front i saw Niall what i guessed was Harry, Emma wasn't exaggerating at all Harry was very good looking now i see why she wants him.

I looked over at Niall whose cheeks were bright red, he looked so adorable i felt weak at the knees when he smiled at me.


(Niall's P.O.V.)

Emma and Peyton were walking through the parking lot up to the movies "wow" i accidentally said out loud trying to keep it in my head but i couldn't she looked so beautiful.

Harry looked at me and smiled "hey mate that's the girl you were talking about?" he asked with a cheeky smile.

I looked over and glared at him a bit "of course that's who i was talking about shes with Emma isn't she" i said hitting his arm.

"Okay god, but shes a lot prettier than i though she was going to be" he laughed i punched him in the shoulder harder making him wince.

"Hey now bring your eyes back to Emma" i laughed.

He glared at me " I know mate shes gorgeous  isn't she, but damn that dress she looks so sexy" Harry said drooling almost.

I laughed "Having fun to night styles" i teased bring him out of his daydream.

"You have no idea lad" Harry said watching Emma's every move.

"Why don't you just ask her out already, you guys already together just make it official" i suggested making him blush.

"I just might mate, thanks" Harry said patting my shoulder.

The girls finally made it, Peyton looked amazing she was beautiful.

She had a dress like Emma but instead of heels she had on cowboy boots and i have to admit she looked extremely sexy i don't think I;m going to be able to contain myself, I need her to be mine. 

(Peyton's P.O.V.)

As we were sitting there watching the previews for this movie Niall and Harry both picked out still not knowing what it is.

Harry and Emma were sitting next to each other and me next to emma with niall on the other side of me i was so nervous my hands were still sweating.

Emma didn't seem nervous at all her and harry were already holding hands with emma pretty much on top of him

The movie hasn't even started yet when just holding hands turned in to a make out session and I'm not going to lie i wish that was me and niall.

Niall was talking to me trying to make it a little less awkward that emma and harry were pretty much getting it on right next to us

"so peyton you just moved here right?' he asked with a smile

"yeah we got here yesterday" i said trying to hold back my accent as much as possible

"ahh i see where from you got a bit of an accent" he said smiling even bigger than before

Oh my gosh holding back my accent wasn't easy and he noticed of course right when i was trying to hold it back he says something.

"uhhh yeah we moved from tennessee" i said embarrassed of it

" oh well i like it, it's very different but in good way" he said putting his hand on the arm rest

It almost seemed as if h wanted to hold my hand but was nervous to ask so i grabbed it not knowing hoping he wont pull away.

"oh look the movie is starting"i said trying to distract him from my hand holding his even though i know for a fact it wasn't going to help.

(Niall's P.O.V.)

I was freaking out like a little girl inside after i asked her a little bit of questions my arm was falling asleep

From me sitting on my hand so put it on the arm rest next to peyton and she grab my hand to hold it

She doesn't look like she would be the type of girl to make that first move although i was glad she did i

Knew she felt a little uncomfortable when she said the movie was starting it was almost like she was trying

To distract me but it didn't my crush of one day was already holding my hand how could i possibly get distracted from that.

To make her know that  i liked she grabbed my hand i squeezed it a bit

She liked that too she turned her face towards me and gave me a big cheeky smile

I smiled back at her and then next thing you know I'm smashing my lips against hers

I quickly backed off "that came out of no where sorry" i said in a whisper i couldn't help myself

She got closer to my face and whispered "don't be sorry"and than kissed me again

That made me go wild wow something that happened on accident finally landed me a girl...i think

After we kissed some more we started watching the movie that i picked out to make peyton want to be next me we were watching the last house on the left.

We were to the middle of the movie when all peyton was doing was jumping and squeezing my hand to were it was turning purple maybe a scary movie wasn't the best idea...

I decided to pull peyton onto my lap and hold her she laid her head on my shoulder and every time

Another scary part came on the screen she would put her head right in between my neck and shoulder.

I got so comfortable with peyton that i forgot about harry and emma were even there until he came up and tapped my shoulder

"Hey mate me and emma are going to back to her house with her car after the movie you can take my car and drop peyton off or whatever you doing okay?" he said in a whisper trying not to get yelled at by people actually watching the movie

"Alright well text me when you on your way back to the house i guess if you are even coming home tonight" i said annoyed this always happens

"I'm probably going to have emma drop me off in the morning her parents aren't going to be home tonight" he winked at me and walked off with emma jumping into his arms.

Peyton just stared at me with an innocent look she could tell i was annoyed

We finished the movie and as we were walking out i got closer to her and grabbed her hand again

We stopped out side of the car "do you want me to drop you off now or do you want to come back to me and harry's place for a while?"

"I better get home and make sure my parents aren't freaking out" she said pouting with her lip sticking out

" aww alright ill take you home then" i said pouting the same way she was

"I'm sorry next time i promise" she said grabbing my pinky and shaking it before getting into the car.

We pull out of the parking lot and she said "i live pretty close to here so you don't have to go far"

"okay cool i do too whats your address?" i said excited to find out because she lives close

She gave me her address and i was shocked that all i had to say was "what!?" i looked at her confused

"yeah is there something wrong with that?" she laughed

"no not all i live right next to you? you're the girl that just moved in next door?"

"wait what your the guy that was standing out by a car and waved at me?" she questioned

"well yeah i mean you were staring" i laughed "i thought you looked sorta familiar i couldn't really see your face you were hiding it behind your box"

"well yeah my face got red" she mumbled

"well why does your face get red?" i teased

"because your new and it happens all the time and i think your cute" she said quietly

"your face doesn't have to get red i think your cute too" i smiled really big at her then made a funny face

She laughed so hard till her stomach started to hurt

We pulled into her drive way and as soon as we did i locked the doors before she could open it she turned and glared at me a bit i laughed at her and said

"you cant leave this car until i get a goodbye kiss"

She smiled "okay but a quick one my dads in the house" she quickly pecked me on the lips and reach around me to unlock the doors

"aww your no fun" i pouted again

"o'well I'll see ya later thanks for tonight" she smiled and i sat there and watched her walk in to the house.

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