A New Life

(one direction not famous they might be later on but I'm not sure yet) Peyton and Dallas are twin sisters that move to England form tenessee they are in 11th grade new school, new friends, new house and whole new country find out what happens when they find out they live next to 3 of the 5 hottest and most talented guys they could dream of...


7. Not Sure About Him

Nialls POV

when the movie ended it felt like we were only there for a half hour. I guess time passes by when your having fun right?

I knew when the movie was over I'd be upset i didn't want to take her home.

Walking out of the theater she was being quiet and i didn't know if i did something to her for her to be quiet.

i don't think i did but i have no idea maybe i said something so i stopped her and turned her towards me "hey are you alright?"

She hesitated to answer me " yeah I'm great i had a really good time I'm just really tired moving and everything being new is a little overwhelming and all of it is tiring me out" she gave me a frowny face looking up at me.

I didn't want to kiss her again tonight i mean i wanted to but she wasn't acting the same as she was in the movies.

I couldn't understand the whole time i felt like she was enjoying it till just now but maybe it is because shes just tired.

we got in the car and she gave me her address when she told me i stared at her in shock "wait?you live right next me? so that was you i saw yesterday with the moving truck i waved to you"

when she told me this i thought nothing of her moving in next door there's always people moving in and out of that house plus there are like 22 new kids at our school this year so it could have been any girl.

her face started to get a bit red "w-wait that was you?"

i nodded my head "uhh yeah!"

she didn't seem to excited about it "that's awesome well we should go because my dad will get mad if I'm home to late."

i started up the car  "okay  don't want to make your dad mad that's for sure"

she nodded and looked out the window the rest of the car ride she was silent and looked down at her phone every 5 minutes as if she was waiting for someone important to text her.

we pull into her drive way she barley even waited till i stopped to get out she opened the door and quickly lent over to give me a peck on the cheek "thanks for tonight i had a good time"she said as she was getting out before she shut the door

i told her "no problem see you at school' as i looked back to the staring wheel she shut the car door i watched as she practically ran into the house.


Peytons POV

I felt like i couldn't get out of his car fast enough i feel bad for leaving the way i did but i had too.

I started to walk up stairs till i hear a disappointed voice behind me "where have you been young lady?"

 I turned around slowly "just out with some friends daddy no where special"

He looked confused "hmm peyton already making friend good for you sweetie" he had a small smirk on his face as i walked down the stairs to give him a hug

"I have to do homework now" I turned to head back up the stairs when he shouted "you mean you have to go call jenna now?"

 I didn't say anything he knew exactly what I was doing and I didn't deny it I just kept walking as i made it to my room i could here him quietly laugh and say "thought she didn't like england" he must have been talking to my mom.






I called jenna about 4 times and shes still not answering my call. I hope shes okay I'm guessing she is staying with her boyfriend and he better not hurt her there's nothing I can do about if he is though.


"Hello" she finally answered the sixth time

"Hey you okay how come you weren't answering my phone call"

"Peyton I'm fine I do have to work you know the question is are you okay? you called like 10 times"

"Six thank you and i just wanted to talk thought you might be interested in how my day went today"

"You know i would love to hear about your day so spill and don't leave anything out missy"

"Okay well yesterday we got here and there were these guys outside and they all waved to me anyways.." she interrupted me

"Wait wait not anyways tell me about the boys what did they look like were the cute did you talk to them?"

I had to slow her down "hold on ill get to that just let me finish ok"

"Okay ill shut up" she chuckled

"Ughh okay so today i met this girl named emma shes really cool she reminds me alot of you when you come you'll have to meet her. We have a class together and when we left today we ran into one of her friends his name is niall. He's adorable he has blonde hair he wears the cutest clothes and his smile is well amazing. He came up to us he introduced himself to me and asked if we wanted to go to the movies with him and his friend. Who is also adorable but he's emmas man well she wants him to be but when we went to the movies we got sorta close..."

"Oh my gosh! I'm so happy for you and wait what do you mean by close?"

"Well we kissed...alot"

"That's good though right you like him?"

"I like him but im scared to get too close to him i don't want what happened between me and nick to happen between me and niall i don't i guess im sorta freaking out"

"Peyton listen not every guy is going to do that to you. you didn't show him let him know you were scared did you?"

"Well know but when he doped me off a few minutes ago i acted like i wasn't that into him"

"You need to stop and not be scared not everyone is going to hurt you like nick did"


She interrupted me again but this time yelling to someone in the background

"Hey I gotta go I'll call you tomorrow or something"

She hung up so fast i couldn't even say bye.





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