A New Life

(one direction not famous they might be later on but I'm not sure yet) Peyton and Dallas are twin sisters that move to England form tenessee they are in 11th grade new school, new friends, new house and whole new country find out what happens when they find out they live next to 3 of the 5 hottest and most talented guys they could dream of...


2. new house new boys

Peyton's P.O.V.


after a car ride that i thought was going to last forever we finally arrived.

Even though i was mad about moving to England i was sorta excited to see the new house my dad said it was huge.but before we could even go to the house my dad had to check in with his new job and we had to get something to eat for lunch because i was starving!

after my dad was done checking with his job we went to Nandos which is such a good place it was my first time being there but i already LOVE it!!

We ate and got on our way to the house.

we pull up to this mansion looking house it seriously was about that big well it was for me at least.

for now i didn't care at all about my stuff in the back of the moving truck all i cared about was getting the best room in the house.

i know Dallas was thinking the same thing that's why i ran as fast as my legs could carry me. i found it!

the best room ever it had a balcony over looking a beautiful scenery in the back of the house.

Dallas runs in with a mad look on her face "its not fair you get this room all the other ones are small and your is the only one with a balcony"

i hissed "i got here first you didn't so its mine" she screamed and slammed my door shut.

i went back out to the truck to grab some of my stuff.

i grabbed one box and looked over to the house on the right because i heard yelling

two boys were standing out by a car and one in the door way of the house

i found myself staring at them they were so hot the two standing by the car one had blonde hair with blue eyes they were so blue i could see them from where i was standing

the other by the car had brown curly hair.

the one yelling at them was really tan and had black hair with a blonde strip in it.

the one with the blonde hair caught me staring at them he smiled and waved at me i quickly put my head down i could feel my face getting red hot i gave him faint smile and my legs started to pick up their speed back to my room.

i didn't want to go back out there with them outside still so i unpacked the box i brought in.

i waited about an hour after to go back outside and get more stuff.

i walked out of the front door trying to peak around the corner making sure none of them were out there still.

they weren't so grabbed more of my boxes and finished bring all of them up to my room by now it was dinner time and i was so exhausted to even eat i was still a little full from early though so i was alright to just go to bed i had to get ready for my first day of school.


first day of school


 i woke up to Dallas screaming to me asking "WHERE IS MY SKIRT YOU BORROWED?"

i screamed back to her "IN THE BOX NEXT TO MY CLOSET GEEZ CALM DOWN!"

she got a little quieter but still talking loud she said "why aren't  you up looking for an outfit to wear its your first day your not gonna even try to look hot?"

i glared at her "I'm just going to wear my boots and a dress"

she glared back at me with a look that said are kidding me "you always wear those boots i think you should just throw them away"

i yelled at her "i will never throw them away get out of my room and go do your freaking make-up or something"

she left me alone in my room and i got up to get dressed i put on my dress that had white on top a brown belt that came on the dress and has a tan bottom too it and then last i put on my boots.

i never put that much make up on i do my mascara and a little cover up.

I don't have to do any thing to my hair because its naturally curly so i was finished getting ready but Dallas was still running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

she finished getting ready and met me in the living room.

she looked really pretty she has curly hair just like i do.

she had on a light pink short pencil skirt with a bow on the back and a white tank top and tan heels.

"okay" i said "are you ready now?"

she replayed with a nervous "yeah lets go"

we got in to the car and drove off to the school.

when we got there we had to go get our schedules first i was nervous to go to my first class.

people are gonna stare i know they will.

I'm just going to keep my mouth shut too everyone here has a british accent and i don't want anyone to say anything about my southern accent.

i get to my first class and just what i thought everyone stared like whose that girl probably judging me too but o'well i said to my self as i sat down in a seat next to a girl who was tan and had really long brown almost black hair she looked nicer than some of the girls in the class.

right after i sat down next to her she said "hi my names Emma are you new to England" her british accent was so strong you could just tell she was born here

i hesitated a little to replay "hi my names Peyton and yeah I'm new i just moved here from Tennessee"

her mouth dropped a little " wow your along way from home by the way i like you accent"

i sighed and said "yeah i know and thank you i like yours too"

laughing a bit she said "thanks"

the teacher snapped at us "ladies how do you expect me to teach when you two are being so rude"

we both looked down at the table and started to laugh.

After class we walked out in to the hall and Emma asked if she could see my scheduled

she cheered "we have lunch together and one more class."

i was excited but didn't really show it i said "really?? "

she said "yeah!!" as she handed the piece of paper back to me i looked at and started to look around for my next class.

she knew i was confused and lost so she took it from me again and asked " do you need help finding this class I'm going that way any ways"

i quickly replayed with a relived "yes please"

she laughed and started leading me down the long school hallway until a familiar looking blonde hair boy stopped her.

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