A New Life

(one direction not famous they might be later on but I'm not sure yet) Peyton and Dallas are twin sisters that move to England form tenessee they are in 11th grade new school, new friends, new house and whole new country find out what happens when they find out they live next to 3 of the 5 hottest and most talented guys they could dream of...


6. Emmas Pov

(Emmas Pov)

As soon as we sat in our seats in the movies Harry couldn't keep his hands off me, we didn't even get to watch the movie.

I know what your all probably thinking, what a slut. There not even dating and she lets him do all that stuff to her.

But it's different to me, I let him because I'm in love with him.

He makes me feel beautiful like no guy ever could. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel wanted. He makes me happy and that's all that matters.

I know its wrong.  And yes I feel guilty but it's the only way I'll be able to have him. He doesn't love me the way I love him. He doesn't see me as a girlfriend or someone he can love. He sees me as his hot bestfriend he likes to fool around with in the back of  his car.

I go around like it does not hurt but it does. It brakes my heart every time I see him knowing he doesn't love me like i love him.

But I'll rather have him like this. Then nothing at all.


I was brought back to reality as I felt Harry's warm left hand sneak it's way up my thigh under my skirt.

I felt my heart flutter at his touch. It was amazing how much of an effect he had on me. Ever time he was around I would fell like a little girl again.

"Emm, lets go" Harry moaned in my ear his warm breath sending shivers down my spine.

"Go where" I asked sweetly. I already new what he ment, but I felt like torchering him a bit. Making him work for it.

"Lets go to my place, Lou's gone for a while" he replied giving my neck sweet little kisses making my body crazy. But I holded back my moans pushing his hands off my leg.

"No" I protested trying to hold back my smile. Harry dose not take "NO" very easily so I new this would drive him insane.

He gave me a comfused look "Why the hell not" he hissed already pissed.

"I want to watch the moive Harrold" I informed rudely turring my head towards the screen smiling to my self.

"Come on love, you don't even know what movie it is" he pointed out connecting his lips to my neck againg.

I didnt anwser keeping my eyes on the screen trying to hold in my moans.

"I need you baby"

And there it was. I couldnt fight it any longer. For some reason those four words were just as effective as "I love you".

It made me smile knowing he needed me even though he ment a diffrent way then i hoped.

"Okay" I approved giving in.

A cheeky smile appeared on his face "I'll go give Naill my keys so he can take Peyton home, and well take your car" he explained getting up walking down two seats to Niall and Peyton.

They seamed to be having a great time as Nialls arm tight around Peyton this lips connected in a blissfull kiss.

I wish Harry would kiss me like that.. .


(Harrys POV)

As I walked over to where Niall and Peyton were sitting I couldnt help but laugh.

They were both in an intence make-out sesion to bad I had to interupt.

"Naill" I whispered tapping his arm lightly making him disconnect his lips from Peytons.

"What" he hissed looking over his shoulder with red cheeks.

"Me and Emm are heading out heres my keys so you can take Peyton home when your done" 

"You and Emm already leaving, can't resist any longer" he asked laughing.

I shook my head laughing also "Not with her in that dress" I replied with a cheek girn walking back to Emma.

I couldnt help but notice how beautiful she looked. Her beautiful long brown hair, Her gorgeous brown eyes. She's perfect in every way and tonight I'm finally going to tell her how I feel.

Emma's been my bestfriend since middle school but recently I've been seeing her in a different way. We've like friends with benefits and I'm not gonna lie It's been amazing but I think it's time we talk about it. Just hopefully she feels the same.


(Emmas POV)

We walked out of the movies hand and hand walk towards my care.  I couldn't help but feel a little anxious. Before we left Harry texted me saying he had something important to tell me after the movie.

Hes never texted me something like that before and hes been acting weird all night.  He was mad when I said no to him in the movie theater. He's he usually not like that. I mean I was smiling at him when I said it so I was obviously kidding but he didn't take my joke very good.

We were getting pretty close to the car by now and all I wanted to do was just kiss him again already I couldn't hold back any longer. I swung my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck and started to lightly kiss his lips, moving down his neck teasing him making him laugh as he grabbed my waist and pulled me further away from his body.

"What you cant even wait till we at least get to the car?" he laughed giving me a cheeky smile.

I quickly jumped off him acting all cool "psh I can wait can you?" I teased walking further away from him. He grabbed my arm and spun me around his lips pressed to mine.

I couldn't help but to break out laughing "look who cant wait now!" I turned and stared running to the car.  As I mad it to the car I turned around to see Harry still where he was with his his hands in bis pockets and a sexy smile.

  "I'm glad you started running love, your ass looks perfect from back here" i turned to him glaring with a tiny smirk on my face.


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