A New Life

(one direction not famous they might be later on but I'm not sure yet) Peyton and Dallas are twin sisters that move to England form tenessee they are in 11th grade new school, new friends, new house and whole new country find out what happens when they find out they live next to 3 of the 5 hottest and most talented guys they could dream of...


3. chapter 3

(Niall's P.O.V.)

when i walked up to Emma she was walking with this beautiful girl with reddish hair big green eyes and this bright smile on her face.

i don't usually talk to emma unless harry brings her around but i had to know this girls name for some reason i was thinking it was the girl who just moved in next door to me.

i tried to not let my nervousness show when i said "hello"

Emma said "hi niall this is peyton, peyton this is niall"

Peyton was quiet she just smiled and waved at me her face started to get a red tint i want to make conversation with her but they look like there trying to get somewhere maybe i should just say bye and let them go or should i ask them to hang out some time i could say harry is gonna be there so then emma wont say no.

as i thought about what i was gonna say next emma blurted out "okay niall we gotta go or she will be late to her class"

i still wasn't sure what i was going to say but before i could think of the exact words my mouth let out "wait, maybe you two could hang out with me and harry tonight we could catch a movie or something"

emma and peyton started on there way back down the hall emma shouted "okay ill text harry after school"

the day dragged on after that all i could think about now was getting to know peyton later on.i hope emma will actually text harry

as soon as i got home from school harry pulled up the drive way after dropping louis and zayn off at their jobs.

he walked in the door seeming a bit annoyed i asked "whats wrong mate?" he sighed as he said "nothing just a rough day at school" i didn't want to make him mad by asking more questions so i gust asked "did emma text you today?"

he looked confused "umm no is she supposed to?"

i looked around the room before replaying to him

"weeell there's this girl.."

he cut me off before i could finish "yeah dallas i know shes in one of my classes"

i just stared at him riley who are you talking about no i was talking about dallas"

"oh how many new girls are there?" he laughed

i looked at him seriously"no her name is peyton and she is friends with emma i talked to the two of them in the hall today and asked if they wanted to hang out with me and you tonight"

harry just smiled and said "okay well ill tell you when or if she texts me"

i nodded he knows i haven't had a girlfriend in awhile i think that's why he agreed to having them come over.

i waited for what felt like forever but really was only 2 hours harry came down the stairs yelling for me

"niall be ready at 8 that's what time the girls will be here"

it was only 5 so i had awhile to do whatever.

Peytons's ( P.O.V.)

emma invited me over to her house after school so we could get ready to go to harry and niall's

i don't know where we are going from there but i hope its fun i want to try to be out going but i don't think its going to happen.

we arrived at her house it was big just like mine i wonder if everyone around here has a big house its unusual for me.

we walked in and emma just threw her stuff down and started walking up stairs i didn't know if i should do the same so i just stood there for a second until she said "peyton what are you ding put your stuff down next to mine and follow me" she laughed

i set down my stuff when we made it to her room she asked me "what are you going to wear tonight?"

i looked at her and said "this why?" she laughed again

i didn't know that was funny she said still sort of laughing "your not gonna wear something super cute you know niall likes you right?"

ughh now she sounds like dallas..wait..what did she say she didn't just say niall liked me did she

"u-umm this is all i really have and nahh he doesn't like me"

"whaat!" she said "he does like you, you couldn't tell how nervous you made him today"

i looked away from her "he's way out of my league"

she quickly turned around from the closet and said "what are you talking about peyton your like one of the prettiest girls all the guys were staring at you how did you not notice!"

"I'm no where near as pretty as you are" i said back still shocked that she said i was really pretty

emma sighed "well we are gonna work on your confidence and self esteem missy"

i laughed "okay well first help me with this outfit i guess"

she got the biggest smile on her face it actually made me a little scared at what she was gonna make me wear but i cant take back what i said now

she grabbed my hand and pulled me up next to the closest

she held up at least 20 things to me until she pulled out this skin tight pink and white stripped tank top dress and a jean jacket to go over top of it

"okay this is going to work and you can even wear your boots with this" she said pointing me in the direction towards the bathroom

im glad shes letting me wear my boots i would feel uncomfortable without them

i came out with it on

she cheered "yay! it looks so good nialls not going to be able to take his eyes off you! now lets fix your hair and make-up a little bit"

she sat me down i a chair next to a make-up stand and mirror she played around with my hair for awhile and then she put a small braid on both side of my head and brought the to the back wear she pinned them.

"yeah that will work" she said talk to herself out loud

she looked in to the mirror at me and asked " do you mind if i put a bow in it?"

i smiled "no i love bows"

she opened a box sitting on her stand that must of had about a million bows in it she pulled out a pink one that was the same color as the pink on the dress and stuck it right above the pinned braids.

she fixed my make-up a little and added a black line on my eyelid right above my lashes

"alright now its my turn" she said walking back to the closet

she must have known exactly what she wanted to wear because it didn't take her long to find it

it was a tight dress just like mine but black and half sleeved instead of a tank top hers also was cut low in the front.

she had straight hair so she just looked at in the mirror and made sure she didn't have to go over anything and then she put the black line above her lashes just like mine

she turned and smiled at me "i told the boys we would be there by 8 i guess we finished just in time its 7:30"

i could tell she was excited i think her and this harry have something going on but I'm sure she will tell me sooner or later

"okay where are we meeting them?" i said

"we are going to the movies the boys know what movie we are watching but i don't have a clue i cant get the answer out of harry"

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