The One That Got Away

Spencer Meester, 18 years old teen struggles while her best mate/lover leaves to pursuie his dreams. She knew he would get through the x factor auditions and knew he would leave for a while. As she gets through months and a year without seeing him, she and her bestfriend Lacey has enough and decided they will travel the globe to show Spencer's love for Harry.
*If you like cheesy 1D fan fictions, you will sure love this one. I will take my time writing this book because i want it to be perfect. Your comments are appreciated :) I wish you a good reading session xx' Marie


6. Chapter 5

Harry P.O.V

All the lads were witting around the piano, we were so exhausted but we still had the energy to pull everything threw. Our next song for our performance was ''My Life Would Suck Without You'' by Kelly Clarkson. I was excited because this song had so much energy to it. We all stood up when our singing teacher entered, he had such a bubbly personality and helped us so much with our performances.

We started to sing and when it turned out to be my part, i felt sick and i fell on my knees. I don't know what was happening because i never felt like this before. I was homesick. All the lads came around me, but it was too late and the next thing i know, i wake up in infirmary.

I opened my eyes and looked around and thought to myself where the heck am i? Niall was seated on my right and Louis on my left, they were on their phones when i started to speak.

''What happened?'', i said, stretching my back and arms.

''Hi mate, you fell on your face at practice''. Responded Louis.

Louis was my best mate at x Factor, we acted like we knew each other since forever, like i felt around Spencer, so comfortable and we could joke around for hours without being fed up.

''Are you serious?'', i replied. I was in shock! This couldn't be good and i was starting to worry what the other lads would think of me!

''Yeah, we were all singing and when your part came you felt sick and fell on your face'', continued Niall.

''Help me get out of here mate, and let's go practice''. I finished.

I couldn't let this little incident crash my chances of being here and live my dream. Niall and Louis helped me up and escorted me to the washroom. I took my clothes off and went for a warm shower.

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