The One That Got Away

Spencer Meester, 18 years old teen struggles while her best mate/lover leaves to pursuie his dreams. She knew he would get through the x factor auditions and knew he would leave for a while. As she gets through months and a year without seeing him, she and her bestfriend Lacey has enough and decided they will travel the globe to show Spencer's love for Harry.
*If you like cheesy 1D fan fictions, you will sure love this one. I will take my time writing this book because i want it to be perfect. Your comments are appreciated :) I wish you a good reading session xx' Marie


32. Chapter 28

Spencer P.O.V

Harry and i got out of my room because we've been hearing weird noises in the house and we wanted to see if Niall and Lacey came back home from the carnaval. Harry went to peak downstairs while i gave a peak in Lacey's room. I opened the door and found myself in front of two strangers having a nice sexy fun.

''OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY'', i closed the door.

''SPENCER'', i heard Lacey call out.

''I'm sorry, i had no idea'', i finished.

Harry came back upstairs to the hearing of my loud voice. 

''Oh my god, they are having sex'', i said. Harry couldn't beleive it before seeing it so he opened Lacey's room and found both of the naked trying to get dressed up as fast as they could.

''HARRY'', they both shouted.

Harry was laughing is ass off, but i was not..Lacey was a friggen virgin! Since when does she sleep with random dudes on one nighties?

Niall and Lacey got out of the room and headed downstairs for a snack.

''Oh you dirty bastard'', Harry said to Niall.

''I am not a dirty bastard, i kinda like this girl, she's different. You know i dont sleep with women for fun dude, dont judge'', He replied.

I'm not sure if i was supposed to be happy or not but i let the sweat settle down.

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