The One That Got Away

Spencer Meester, 18 years old teen struggles while her best mate/lover leaves to pursuie his dreams. She knew he would get through the x factor auditions and knew he would leave for a while. As she gets through months and a year without seeing him, she and her bestfriend Lacey has enough and decided they will travel the globe to show Spencer's love for Harry.
*If you like cheesy 1D fan fictions, you will sure love this one. I will take my time writing this book because i want it to be perfect. Your comments are appreciated :) I wish you a good reading session xx' Marie


28. Chapter 25

Spencer P.O.V

We were all done with our dinner, paid the waitress and left. As we left the restaurant i spotted a paparazzi from far, he was taking shots of all four of us. 

''Harry baby, their is a paparazzi following us..what do you want to do? Do we stay in London or we go back home?'', I told Harry.

Harry took a look around and spot the paparazzi.

''No it's fine baby'', and gave me a kiss on the lips.

I turned around to face him and gave him a passionate kiss. Niall and Lacey were kissing too. It was so romantic, but kind of weird, they met 4 hours ago!

''Let's get moving guys, we are being followed by paparazzi's'', Harry said.

We got moving and went for a walk downtown for about 2 hours until we spotted a nice carnaval. We got in and bought tickets. Me and Harry went over to the stuffed animals stands while Niall and Lacey got on rides. Harry wasn't the ride kind of guy, he sure could ride me but hated rollercoasters.I laughed at the thought of that and spotted the coolest stand with the biggest stuffed animals. 

Trying after trying, Harry finally got me a big Hello Kitty and tried to find Niall and Lacey.

They were still on rides and were far from wanted to let go of them, so i convinced Harry to get on the SpaceShip.

''Baby, i can't beleive you got me in this ride, you will have to stand by my side and dont EVER let go of my..'', Harry stopped when the ride started. He squeeled like a little baby and yelled on top of his lungs. It was HILARIOUS i almost wee in my pants.


I couldn't stop laughing, this was the best part of the day.

We got out of the ride and Harry did not get OFF of the ride, he RAN out of the ride. I tried to catch up on him until he went in a corner and puke his dinner. I still laughed. I hold his hand, gave him a sweet kiss on the cheeks and walked to Niall and Spencer who were now kissing in line of the fairouswheel.

''Hey lad's, we are going home, Harry just puked. Wanna come with us or are you staying up here? I'll pay the cab if you want to stay up here'', i said.

''We'll stay here a little bit, we are having a blast, see you later guys'', Niall said.

''Alright, have fun'', i hugged them and we left.

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