The One That Got Away

Spencer Meester, 18 years old teen struggles while her best mate/lover leaves to pursuie his dreams. She knew he would get through the x factor auditions and knew he would leave for a while. As she gets through months and a year without seeing him, she and her bestfriend Lacey has enough and decided they will travel the globe to show Spencer's love for Harry.
*If you like cheesy 1D fan fictions, you will sure love this one. I will take my time writing this book because i want it to be perfect. Your comments are appreciated :) I wish you a good reading session xx' Marie


22. Chapter 19

Spencer P.O.V

Harry was coming back in Cheshire for the week but i dont know if i should be excited or scared. I know he's just a little bummed out and i feel like everythings my fault. He would be home in 15 minutes and he asked me to come over so we could talk so, i grabbed my phone and my keys and started to drive to his house.


I gave a good knock on the door and Anne opened. She looked pissed off at me, this couldn't be good because Anne and i had a really good relationship between us. She was like my own mother the day my mom left me alone when i was 16.

I saw Harry sitting on his sofa, looking upset. Anne gestured me to come in so i did. Harry got up, took my hand and we went upstairs to his room. He sat on the edge of his bed and looked scared to say something to me and that pissed me off.

''What do you want to say Harry don't be a fucking pussy, you're freaking me out!'', i blurred.

He kept looking at his feat, i then grabbed his face by the chin and left his head so he could look at me in the eyes. 

''We have to keep our distance Spencer'', He finally said. I let go of his face and fell to my feet.

''What for?'', i asked.

Why would he do that? He's putting this on my fault..

''I need to focus on my career and you are a distraction'', he continued.

I knew he lied.

''Harry who do you think i am? I am your best friend! So what he had sex? We had sex 200 times Harry what the fuck, you are not telling the truth, this is not you and i will not tolerate being rejected for this. I've gave you all you can't let me down right now and i know you want me as much as i want you, be a man, we can face this together''. i took a deap breathe and stared at him and wait for a reaction from his part.


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