The One That Got Away

Spencer Meester, 18 years old teen struggles while her best mate/lover leaves to pursuie his dreams. She knew he would get through the x factor auditions and knew he would leave for a while. As she gets through months and a year without seeing him, she and her bestfriend Lacey has enough and decided they will travel the globe to show Spencer's love for Harry.
*If you like cheesy 1D fan fictions, you will sure love this one. I will take my time writing this book because i want it to be perfect. Your comments are appreciated :) I wish you a good reading session xx' Marie


21. Chapter 18

Harry P.O.V

The end of the day finally came. I ran to my bunk and shut my eyes close. It was impossible to get good rest here, they are so many lads around fooling around and being immature but it was great being around lads my age and be able to connect with other people. I finally cleared my mind and was about to fall asleep when all of a sud all the house was around my bed and were trowing me magasines they just received from their family and friends. They all looked shock and some of them were high fiving me, but i didnt understand why, but then i took a look and here i was naked with Spencer in all the magasines! Oh oh, this will turn out shit!

Just as i thought things couldn't get worst, Simon come's in rushing through everybody in the room and came closer to me.


I did not know what to say.. i really couldn't find my words.

''Uh, I, i'm sorry, i have no excuses'', I replied. I was ready for the heart attack i was about to have. Simon really did look mad at me.

''WE LOOK LIKE FOOLS OUT HERE'', He continued, still screaming after me.

Everybody got out of the room except for Simon who still hold my arm tightly, giving me his mean stare.

''Look will have to leave the house for a few days, their will be too many press out here so i suggest you go home and get a break. I know it isn't always easy being ahold in a house and be away from the ones you loved, so get out of here tonight and come back for the live show Sunday. I will send a copy of your parts and you will be able to practice via Skype with the guys. I'm really sorry.''. Simon finished, then walked out of the room.

''NO BUT SIMON I..'', i trailed off, but it was no use, he had left the room and did not care listening to what i had to say.

I called my mom too pick me up and left the house. Everyone waved me goodbye and got in my mom's car.


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