Kickin' it- Not so funny April Fools Day

this is a fan fic for the tv show kickin it. hope u like it.


3. This is where it gets way worse (Kim's P.O.V.)

Before Doctor McCurry got to the dojo, my wonderful, flawless plan had taken a turn for the worse. Joan and Bobby Wasabi had been called accidentally by Rudy. Long story. Anyways, they were smothering me so Jack, Jerry Milton and Eddie had to pull them off. When Dr. McCurry actually got there, the place was a little bit of a mess. Everyone was asked to leave, except Rudy. Apperantly it was "too crowded".

"So, what exactly happened?" Dr. McCurry asked. Rudy explained what had happened to me and what he had seen. While Rudy explained, I turned to look at the guys, Joan and Bobby who were standing outside, with their noses pressed against the glass. Literally, they were lined up in a row with thier faces pressed up against the glass. They all looked worried, and I tried to give them a smile of encouragement.

"Alright, then." Dr. McCurry said, which brought my attention back to him. "Let's take a look at you." I was examined head to knee before he found a problem. I told him how when I was fighting, I might have rolled my ankle a couple of times. Then, Dr. McCurry dragged Rudy into the centre of the mat in the middle of the dojo, where I had been lying in my " fragile state" just and hour and a half before. After a very heated discussion, with a lot of baby talk and 'going all Rudy' occassions, Rudy finally came back to me.

"Hey Kim. Look the Doctor said that you have severly sprained your foot and pulled the muscles around it. I'm sorry Kim. You've been banned from karate for a couple of weeks."

My only reaction was.... "What!?!?!?! They can't do this to me!!! He can't do this to me!!! The Regional girls tournament is next week! We actually might get picked!" I started to sob into Rudy's shoulder. This was actual crying and sobbing. Not something I was pretending to do. The damage of the prank was done. I wasn't allowed to compete. 

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